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New Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Generation)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jan meier, Aug 1, 2015.
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  1. legopart
    Can you send me a link for it?
  2. a-LeXx
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  3. cfranchi
    Hello gents,

    Do you have compared T1.2 and Kennerton Vali ?
  4. llcook51
    Today, I received a 4-pin XLR cable for my T1 (gen 2). Wow...great match with the Cavalli Liquid Platinum ("LP.") Never had the opportunity to hear the Crimson. The LP is superb.
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  5. abhinit90
    the official cable?
  6. llcook51
    No. The Corpse Gravedigger. I have the same type for my HD 800S. It is excellent and a good value.
  7. ZekeAdebayo
    Anyone know how the 2nd Gen T1's compare to the Focal Clear?
  8. Oscar-HiFi
    T1 are more comfortable, wider soundstage but slightly warmer and more relaxed sounding. The Clear have slightly less low end emphasis but are a step up in detail and resolution.
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  9. ZekeAdebayo
    Thanks for the reply, seems like the Clears are a no go for me. While the detail aspect seems appealing the bass is less than ideal for me. I have a 2nd Gen T1 (after previously owning a Hifiman HE-560) and I have to say the bass on those were close to my ideal bass just a tad more. The 2nd Gen T1's bass feels neutered compared to my 560s, it's there just not as impactful. I guess my ideal headphone would have something similar to the 560's bass (plus a tad more), a solid treble presence since I like the energy that brings and the T1's imaging. The midrange I'm not too sure about, I think I like a slightly cooled off midrange but at the same time something that lends itself well to male and female vocals. The Th909 by Fostex from what I read may be that ideal headphone but I haven't heard them yet. The search continues....
  10. Dana Reed
    Saw some Black edition T1.2 on Amazon for $699 and decided to scoop one up. Should be here Friday. Since I sold my DT880 600Ohm, I wanted something with a bit more detail than the Amiron Home, and while I like the T5p for portable use, I prefer open cans for at home listening.
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  11. javertim
    A scooped a pair of the black editions up on the same sale. Wasn't digging the sound before I let them burn in for a bit. Could have been that they were sitting in a cold delivery truck for a while. They are very fun now :)
  12. Dana Reed
    Mine came today. I'll reserve judgement on comparison to the Amiron (and to my other pairs) until I use them for a while. Nicely, they are sensitive enough to use for portable with my Pono with the balanced cable. Now I can swap Amiron, T5p, T1 with the same cable on that portable. Will also listen with Mojo, dx7s, Lyr2 and Jotunheim
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