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New Audio-gd R7 (R2R 7) & R8 Flagship Resistor Ladder DACs

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by Currawong, Jun 30, 2017.
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  1. FredA
    I used a cat6a shielded wire from Monoprice. A header like these to avoid soldering on the F-1 (the f-1 comes with a male header, I soldered it on however).


    And a cord grip like these:


    I soldered the rj45 to the male part of the header, a the bottom, then trimmed the pins so that all fit in my case. I suppose there is enough room in the case that now is available from singxer. I had to remove the jacket and shielding for the wire for it to pass through the grip's hole. The grip being metallic, no shielding issue there, assuming it matters in the first place.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2017
  2. motberg
    Thanks Fred!
    Did you have any problems determining the correct pin outputs, or was it somewhat obvious as to which Singxer pin was appropriate for each signal line necessary for the Audio-GD i2s RJ45 configuration?
  3. FredA
    It is quite obvious. I used the same pinout as posted on Kitsune Hifi. The RJ45 cables are color coded. There are a couple coding variations used. You have to find the one matching the rj45 cable you have.
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  4. Wynnytsky
    I thought overkill as will, and was feeling good about using 3 taps off my 200watt HDPlex, until I realized I could hear the computer thinking within 2ft of my horn. Lifting ground didn't help -- I guess the 19.5v and 5v taps aren't sufficiently isolated. Fortunately I have the older 100watt HDPlex on hand so the Singxer would get 5v/3a without sharing. That was the ticket -- for the first time my DC coupled amp has an undetectable noise floor with my ear to the horn. Speed/timing are the best I've heard. Before chimes always sparkled and twinkled, but now they're sounding like the real thing. While dynamics increased, I think the volume fell? I'm here cranking the volume beyond my comfort zone, and fatigue isn't setting in. I've been told our ears judge volume by listening for the noise floor (or distortion in general). Ghent cables are next for me. My lesson learned is that the Singxer enjoys it's own 5v/3a LPS -- not overkill.
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  5. HoloSpice
    Just pulled the trigger for the R2R7 and its coming next week.. Am i part of the cool kids club now? :yum:
  6. FredA
    Cool. Hope you like it! Give it some time, it could sound bad during the first day.
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  7. Wynnytsky
    Your handle will follow you like a tattoo. At least you didn't go with SchiitSpice

    I confess I only steer my friends toward Denafrips and Soekris so that I may one day hear them next to my lovely r2r7

    A friend has been working on his dual chassis tube dac that uses soekris modules. He recently added I2S and high sample rate support so I can finally hear it at it's best.
    The downside to a $5/$6k DIY tube dac is that it doesn't have the resale value or reliability of the R2R7 -- once the tube dac starts buzzing you need a guy with a volt meter. Also, unless you leave the tubes on 24/7, you'll have to wait 30min before it comes into it's own. While the R2R7 may be faster, have a stronger grip of the music, and be overall more honest/faithful, the tube dac had the bigger stage+image and it's adjustable gain let me dial up the dynamics beyond that of the R2R7. The strengths of the latter are easily recognized by audiophiles and non-audiophiles alike, and that immediate gratification wins people over in a short audition. My first impression of this tubed-soekris was that nothing more needed to be done and the issue of fatigue was even more distant than it is for the R2R7 (which is already excellent). In contrast to a tube DAC, some tracks played via R2R7 (smooth NOS3-PLL) will make me wonder how it might have sounded if a tube pre or amp was in the mix.

    Not to mislead -- I've been listening to the r2r7 (and other gear) for 4mo and nothing I've heard has made me regret this purchase. Periodic FPGA updates should enable some DAC "role playing", you know to keep the relationship exciting and refresh.
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  8. bballas
    My Nos7 Vs DAM1 R2r 12rail ultracapacitor dac comparison 0-10 (more is better):

    NOS 7 DAM1

    soundstage (wide,deep,3d) 8 - 6

    bass accuracy 5 - 8

    lifelike 6 - 9

    channel separation 8 - 7

    instruments separation 8 - 6

    long time listening 9 - 9

    nos7 vs R2r7 would be interesting for me.Somebody can?
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2017
  9. barbas
    USB Isolator upgrade inform

    Since 11st Dec, below models have built in USB Isolator:
    R2R 7, Master 7, Master 11, NFB-7.77, NFB-27.77
    Below models can select as an upgrade option:
    R2R 1, R2R 2, NFB-1, NFB-28, NFB-29

    Anybody knows what is this all about? Is it possible to DIY upgrade?
  10. barbas
    USB isolator can avoid the computer electric interrupt feed in the DAC cause the sound quality worse . In AB compare , it can improve on sound transparency slightly .
    After USB isolator upgrade, the USB spend the USB power supply, and can not support phones because the power limit of the phones

    Dear Diego,

    Yes it will for DIY project for audio-gd users , we will pick the file for guide and release the kit soon, maybe next month .
    Thank you your attention.
  11. maellen
    Hi. Anyone has actually bought the R2R 1? R2R 7 is out of my league so I plan to settle with R2R 1.

    Seems like lack of info/reviews on Head Fi and so does everywhere else. R2R 1 doesn't sell well?
  12. wmedrz
    Hello everybody,

    I am wondering if anyone had a chance to compare the R2R 7 with the Holo R2R d/a converters?

    I am in need of a nother d/a converter for my speakers system. I have M7 already and really enjoy. I've been using parasound for main speakers system - now it's almost Christmas so I think it's time for a new gift for myself :p Parasound will not do only 48khz, so big limitation for speakers system.

    If anyone has a chance to compare Kitsume edition of spring d/a converter or other spring d/a converter , I would really appreciate some input!!! Mr Qinghua is fantastic at explanation and service. I really enjoy this aspect of the company!

    I would liek to add in the edit: I am using M7 in headphone system - I primary use headphone system day to day! Not speakers = only available when house is quite. I ask Qinghua about magnepan system, he said he did not know these speakers 3.7. I reach out to Kitsume and they inform they know sound is fantastic out out any system.

    Any thought plzz?
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2017
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  13. FredA
    Maybe people buy used Master-7 instead. Knowing it can be upgraded with the Singularrity board, it becomes very interesting.
  14. HoloSpice
    Don't know about the R2R 1 but R2R 7 seem to be in high demand ... my order got delayed haha..
  15. FredA
    One of the reviews done by a member in Holland mentions the r2r 7 is superior. As for the Magneplanar 3.7, they should be good (or better than good) with the r2r 7. I have very neutral and uncolored speakers. The r2r 7 is really great with them, especially with NOS. My room being rather brigtht, i use amps that have some emphasis in low mids (and also cause my speakers are lacking a bit in this area).

    Sounstaging and imaging are very impessive with the r2r 7. Notheless, it's still excellent with headphones. It's not a one-trick pony.
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