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New Audio-gd R7 (R2R 7) & R8 Flagship Resistor Ladder DACs

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by Currawong, Jun 30, 2017.
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  1. FredA
    Not sure the bass is better with the M7. It is less abundant with the r2r 7, that for sure. I think you can say that the bass of the r2r 7 is fast however. It's the only point for which there is a contest between the two dacs. Otherwise, the r2r 7 is a clear winner.

    I had a lack of slam with the r2r 7 lately. I decided to upgrade some hook-up wire inside my amps (gauge 18 to gauge 16) and when i reinstalled the amps, it seems i might have had an inverted polarity on the right speaker for a while, seeing the way the speaker wires were bent. So i don't know if the problem was with the tiny hook-up wire or the partial polarity inversion, but things are fine now and as a bonus, the top end is now silky smooth whatever the recording i play. And i think the sound is a bit more laid back, not sure yet. But things are great really. I can only give the r2r 7 my very best recommendation.
  2. hansenni
    I used oyaide 3398 102ssc 22AWG hook-up wire in my diy r2r dac, it's great and balanced, I'm sorry about my English level.
  3. Wynnytsky
    that'll make for a serious lack of slam! I'm proud to say I walked into a friend's room while on a cell phone and my one free ear detected single-channel-inversion in his system. I think our brains easily acclimate to (ie: correct for) anomalies, so the longer you listen the less qualified you'll be to detect an issue.

    those are interconnects i presume?

    Tonight I switched the power cord from a Kimber PK10 gold (good for analog) to a Yulong cable that I paid $100 for a couple years ago (it was an upgrade option for their DAC). This cord increased the contrast throughout, giving the perception of a blacker background and more dynamics -- I'm really digging it. Today Yulong sells a fatter version wrapped in cotton and with beefier heads ($115 after the $50 rebate) -- possibly identical to the one from Grant Fidelity which I also have but didn't try.
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  4. FredA
    Thanks for mentioning. I was refering to AC hook-up however. But i will try the Oxaide perhaps at some point for signal. I have tried Neotech, Plussound, Jupiter, Mundorf Siver-gold so far.
  5. hyperdanny
    It maybe of interest for those (like me) who play cd's through a PS Audio memory player that the guys from Magna hi fi have expressly confirmed to me that the R2R 7's HDMI connector is indeed compatible.
  6. Wynnytsky
    yay my first video
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  7. PeterCraig
    Living the dream Wynnytsky...
  8. FredA
    Awesome video, Wynnytsky!

    This setup seems to sound really great!
  9. barbas
    Master Cohen + R2R 7 :metal::fist:
  10. DACLadder
    The AGD HDMI hardware I2S interface is modeled around PS Audio method. Most DDCs are compatible I have found except the Gustard U12 which has the data and L-R clock signals reversed.
  11. gk2013
  12. hyperdanny
    gk2013 is right..actually many , if not most, Chinese DAC's are not compatible with the PS Audio pin setting.
    For example my Gustard x-20 is not.
    This is why certainty was important to me, I asked specifically the magna hifi people, and I thought of sharing the info..
  13. DACLadder
    Yes, buyer beware on HDMI I2S interface. But the original observation was about PS Audio PerfectWave and compatibility with the R2R 7. I am familiar with the spreadsheet and includes both DACs and DDCs. But I count 19 of 36 listed products as PS Audio compatible if you only consider PCM I2S. DSD has thrown another variable into the mix of late and there will be a some drop outs from that. But PCM I2S looks compatible as far as signaling on the connector pins on some of these dropouts. The Singxer SU-1 is smart to include switches to control signalling on the I2S pinout. I would say if you are designing new products that aren't PS Audio compatible you are limiting sales potential.
  14. Wynnytsky
    The problem that I had connecting a Tanly interface to a Gustard X20 was PCM was getting channels swapped, but DSD was correct when JRiver bitstreaming was on. I think I had the same (or opposite) behavior connecting it to the R2R7 -- there's a good chance it's the Tanly's fault. I was also suspicious of absolute phase when I2S'ing the Tanly to the R2R7. Even though I simplified matters by converting to PCM on the fly, I still ran into issues where my room correction was applying right channel correction to the left (and possibly the wrong phase) because I used a different program&DAC for creating those filters. Having a USB interface has been the final word on A/B/C'ing DAC's on the fly (no installing drivers!), but it's no fun when all the outputs aren't speaking the same channel/phase. I'm sure I'll eventually get a switched XMOS box like the Singxer but for now I'm getting to know Amanerro and properly applied filters.
  15. FredA
    Eh Wynnystky, what is the DIY box on top (with heatsinks)? I am familiar with this chassis, used it many time for my diy amp projects. I am about to transfer my Nord One Up monoblocks in such cases by the way. Very sturdy.
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