need to learn "grinding"
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They may fall down.
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Originally Posted by CompDude
explain loose fitting pants.....and why i shouldnt wear'em

When you go camping, one of the first things you need to do is pitch a tent..

And this isn't camping, so no pitching a tent.

edit - to confuse the issue - some girls enjoy camping. Others will slap you.
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Originally Posted by ls20

how old are ya?

wanna be able to dance well? just drink a shazzabot load of alcohol beforehands

careful, it is a school dance so I am sure he is not old enough to drink.

alchohol is not the solution here, you have to refine your moves before you start boozing it up and getting your groove on (WHEN you are old enough).
Nov 27, 2004 at 12:46 AM Post #25 of 91 only 13.......and yes it's a school dance...but this is also for another dance at our community center which is prolly the same week.....but no....i cant drink....and i ptiching a tent....and yea...she'd prolly slap the hell outta me
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haha, man this thread is hillarious!

Seriously tho, since she knows that you don't know how to grind... and are willing to teach you, I won't worry about learning it now to impress her.

You are not going to get it to the point where you will impress someone with some grinding experience like she does... so why bother?

Play the card you are dealth (and imo, it is a winner)
Let her enjoy teaching you and you enjoy being taught.
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yea....i've talked to some peeps at another forum......and im just guna wait for the dance.....and have some fun with her....have some laughs.....some good dancin (hopefully i'll have grinding down pretty good)....and it'll be a night of fun
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Originally Posted by bln
Funniest thread ever.

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Originally Posted by CompDude only 13.......and yes it's a school dance...

Only 13....
Then I should say I'm sorry for my earlier posts. But if I correctly remember the level of my first school dances and what I have accomplished since then regarding women, I will say this you're a lucky boy.

Have fun and drive safely....


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