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Need In-Ears under 500$ and Under 50$ AUD

  1. Paloking
    hey Guys!

    I'm looking to get 2 pairs of In-Ears.
    The under 500$ Will be mostly used for RnB music, powered by a iPhone / S7. Not too picky really, as long as they're well reviewed and are durable.

    The under 50$ need a inline mic, and that's about it. Don't care about Bass on these.

    Both closed, a lot of public transport etc
  2. Martellato
    Seems like Shure SE535 LTD would be a good choice. All reviews are positive and has two Cables one with and one without inline controls/mic. Looks pretty beast and is to last (with the detachable cable and so on). Has very good sound isolation. Fits your criteria.
  3. buke9
    For the under 50 the KZ ATE is really a good buy. They run like $11 USD and are pretty good sounding for the money. I work construction so I'm pretty hard on iem's and MEE's and Sennheiser's didn't hold up for long but the KZ's are still going strong after 7 months of abuse .
  4. serman005
    I really like the Campfire Audio Orions a whole darn lot. I am really impressed with the SQ and build quality. Built like a dang tank. For the less expensive one, I really love the SoundMAGIC E10C. It is also well-made and sounds absolutely terrific. I also agree with @buke9, the KZ ATE are a terrific choice and a terrific value. You can buy two pair and save one for a rainy day. You might read about some or all of these and see what you think. Maybe one or two will work for you.
  5. Paloking
    Thanks Heaps guys ! I love both the Shure's and the Campfire Orions, so I'm going to do some research on the two.

    As for the cheap option, the KZ ATE are impressive so I'm sticking with them :)
    Appreciate the help!

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