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Need help with Superlux 668Bs and pairing them up with a soundcard.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tortilla, Oct 17, 2012.
  1. Tortilla
    I don't really know how to give them burn-in. I left them play various tracks at regular sound level for 5 hours twice, but it didn't seem to make a difference.
    As for the E17, it's quite expensive here in France (~ 120€). I probably won't be able to afford it.
  2. Noobpwner
    I'm not sure how you bought 668Bs without hearing about their potential sibilance issues. xD
    I have used my Samson 850s(Essentially a 668B clone) with my Xonar DX for over a year(and love them!). Yes they were sibilant when I first got them, but I got used to it rather quickly with the help of a little EQing.
    I'm amazed to hear creative sound drivers don't come with an EQ, are you sure you just haven't found it? Anyways if sibilance really is the issue I suggest you buy a Xonar DX or DG, either are good, and tone down the 8k-16k range in the EQ, it helps alot.
    Lastly I suggest you try to just get used to it's sound signature, harsh(but detailed) highs and all, because they really are beautiful headphones for what they cost!
  3. Tortilla
    There really is no EQ for the SB HD USB. I use the one on Foobar2k (an extra improved one, the original EQ sucks) but obviously that's only for that player.
  4. Tortilla
    And so I got myself the DX.
    First thing that surprised me is that the sound was fine from the start, while I had to make use of some TrueStudio whatever effect on the Soundblaster for it to sound good (else it sounded empty and cold as hell).
    I reduced the high frequencies slightly with the EQ, and set the thing for headphones, but am wondering: Is there a difference in the sound I'll get from the front panel output? Currently have my 668Bs plugged into the back and didn't bother with connecting the AAFP 10-1 to my case's front jacks yet.
    Also, I'm using the latest stable UniXonar drivers which I've heard were the best.
    Any advice on settings and stuff?
    Sorry for the necro, but I didn't want to make another thread on this.

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