1. Tortilla

    Need help with Superlux 668Bs and pairing them up with a soundcard.

    I currently own a pair of 668Bs which I use through a Creative Sound Blaster X-fi HD (USB one, though using it on a desktop).   And boy are they hissy on highs. And I believe that the Sound Blaster might be part of the problem. The highs can really be annoying, and cymbal sounds for example...
  2. Sauntache

    Asus Xonar Essence vs Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD

  3. Amenity

    Advice Needed

    Hello   I'm not an "audiophile", which is basically why I came to see you experts, since you know what you're talking about (I don't). Bear with me... Well I went and bought a headset for VOIP and the quality is great, but I have two big issues. I will be using the headset for cold...
  4. Sierra419

    Please help! I'm new and I dont know what I'm doing!

    Ok, I'm new here so please bear with me.  I know a lot about computers and I'm pretty knowledgeable on home theatre equipment but I'm totally new to the ins and outs of high quality audio.  I currently own a pair of Tritton AX Pros that I use for Xbox and PC, but mostly PC.  My AX Pros just plug...
  5. abablitz

    Sound Blaster X-FI MB2 trying to use it with Schiit Modi DAC

    Trying to figure out of it's even possible, because I have to turn off one thing for the other to function. Tried making the output to the Modi, but no luck, because it has to be set to default device. I'm on a laptop btw. 
  6. ramachandra

    Almi's X-Fi Mod (Hotrodding Sound Blaster X-Fi models)

    Almi's X-Fi Mod I have got big inspiration a while ago from Layman's Guide to modify my good old X-Fi. Since I have learnt few things and tricks to improve the X-Fi further more. What I would like to share here is nothing special, most of them well known, but You can save time to read them in...
  7. hicks12

    USB sound card for Music/Gaming and Microphone in

    Hi Guys, currently I am using onboard for my sound and microphone connections which is a Realtec ALC898, this doesnt seem that great for music/films and primarily gaming (used to use a dedicated Xi-Fi titanium soundcard), the motherboard I am using now doesnt have the slots required for internal...
  8. indoman14

    DAC or External Soundcard?

    Hello,   I currently own the ATH-m50 and Logitec Z506 speakers. I'm using my onboard soundcard for my speakers and my integrated keyboard soundcard for my headphones. I'm going to buy a new keyboard so I can't use the integrated soundcard of my logitech g510 anymore. I plugged my headphones...
  9. ryanc522

    ASUS Xonar Essence STX vs Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi HD (USB, not PCI-E)

    I have a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi HD, and it is the USB sound card not the PCI-E, but I have heard amazing things about the essence, so I am wondering which is better?
  10. Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi HD Sound Card

    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi HD Sound Card