Need Help Choosing IEM's around $15 for Samsung Captivate
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Just take it to an Apple Store and see if they say if it's fake. If it is, get a note from one of those Apple genius and open up a Paypal dispute. The clock is ticking.
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Sorry to hear about your (possible fake) addiems.
If you're in the market for a replacement headset I can warmly recommend the SoundMAGIC MP21. My girlfriend uses them on her Samsung Galaxy S in combination with Voodoo Sound. While the MP21 model dates back to 2009 I think for around $17,77 it's very good value for money.
SoundMAGIC MP21 - Black:
SoundMAGIC MP21 - White:
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Okay.  So the seller refunded $8 and told me to keep the product.  That's fine, no big deal.  However, I also recently bought a fake 32GB microSD, and got that money back too.  Plus, my birthday is in late November, so I have that money too.  All in all, my budget has extended just a little bit, from $15 to $110.  Right now, I am looking at Westone 1 for $85, RE0 for $80, A151 for $50, Brainwavz M1 for $40, and Etymotic HF2 for $108.  I want something that has a large soundstage, extreme clarity, but also with a "lush" midrange; something I'll enjoy. If I don't enjoy it, what's the point?  I would appreciate some help with this, now that I have an adequately respectable budget.  Musical interests now consist of almost entirely Queen; not sure why.  I guess I just like them.  I want, specifically, something that will make Made in Heaven and Innuendo sound full, but also something that makes A Night at the Opera and Queen II sound as detailed as I know they should be.  Quiet Riot also needs to sound okay, as well as SOME Pendulum, once in a while.  If it doesn't work for that, no big deal.  It seems like the Westone 1 should give me the midrange I want, but sacrificing possibly too much clarity.  HF2 sounds perfect, but I'm worried about soundstage and bass.  I usually don't care, but some things require it, and if it isn't there it bothers me.  I want something like my MDR-V6, but maybe fuller, larger soundstage, and more detail, if that isn't too much to ask.  I would also be open to suggestions, but I'd prefer it to be from somewhere like Amazon, where I know I can return it for no charge.  I'm picky, and if I don't feel like I'm getting a good enough product it's going back.  It's still going to be used out of an unamped Captivate, as I don't intend to have an amp larger and more expensive than the phone.  That defeats the purpose.  I hope this should be enough information, if not too much.  If you need anything else, just ask.  Joker's reviews are somewhat limited in my price range, having only ten in the top end, and waaaaay too many in the bottom.  The A151 gets a 7.5 ish, so I'd definitely prefer not to go lower than that.
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So I'm not that much of an IEM person, but I do wholly recommend that you flash a new ROM on your captivate with the Voodoo audio patch. The difference is tangible with FLAC files but I don't think it processes 24/96. 
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I tried flashing a new rom, and messed up one phone. Best buy messed up the stock rom first, so they gave me another one. But I do have voodoo plus and rockbox. I think it works 24/96 because my Sinatra is that format.

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