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need advice on new in-ears

  1. redje
    i'm looking for some new in-ears. I can't remember my last ones, but i currently have a full-size headphone akg-k240 studio, from which i particularly like the sound. I mostly listen to electronic music like psybient, minimal, jazz and triphop. After searching the forum i'm confused what to buy. At first i wanted to buy the superfi 5 vi, but they're hard to get now. I'm going to use them in bed, just before falling asleep and cycling (fast, so isolating the wind is important).
    i'm doubting between the following:
    Ultimate ears Superfi 5 vi
    Beyerdynamic DTX100
    Klipsch Image S4i
    Etymotic Research Hf2
    my main concerns after reading the forum are:
    Superfi: do they sound too warm or are the altering the sound, as i like clean studio sound, overal flat response
    Beyer: don't know i always found the beyer's to be bass-heavy especially in the full-size headphones
    klipsch: are they too bass heavy?
    etymotic: are they too clean and lacking bass, or is it that most people are used to heavy bass?
    can anyone help me out a bit deciding?
  2. Negakinu
    I haven't heard any of the IEMs you mention (except the S4) but to me it sounds like you want a fischer audio dba-02. :) relatively flat and neutral, not too much of anything. about $150. great detail and transparency but enough bass. Sound brilliant when amped, but don't need an amp to sound great. Check the reviews here on head-fi!
  3. ZARIM
    Panasonic HJE900, Sleek Audio SA6, DBA-02, MC5, SM2 and Westone2........
  4. dfrost
    +1 on Fischer DBA-02's.
    I find that with deep insertion they have minimal wind noise, but I'd also caution that they isolate well enough that will not hear most road noise when cycling. I like that sport, too, but would be very cautious about using them in that environment.
  5. redje

    I know, last headphones were also in-ears, so i have experience with it. I only cycle straight roads and in the middle of knowhere, where there's no traffic.

  6. redje

  7. redje
  8. redje
    oh, i forgot to mention, i'm going to use them with my iphone 3GS, so i'd love one with microphone, but audio quality is my main concern.
  9. dfrost
    Joker's summary table in Post #8 of his epic review thread has a column that indicates models with mic/remote.
  10. redje
    hmmmm... Phonak Audéo PFE seem the only one with microphone which has good results on audio quality. I wonder how the Ultimate ears compare to these. Ultimately the DBA-02's do seem to have one of the best audio quality and that's what counts in the end. And they even are at an affordable price :) Anyone else can contribute on this thread?
  11. Confispect


    1+ For some reason I think you would be happy with the DBA-02, do you want a mic on the phones? If so the Phonak....
  12. redje
    i don't know yet if i really want the microphone, depends on how much i lose in audio quality. What do you guys think?
  13. rroseperry
    @Confispect - What do you like about the DBA-02? I'm thinking about getting in on this incoming shipment.
  14. redje
  15. Confispect


    Clarity, instrument separation, and funny but these sound extremely musical for a BA, Pana musical but without the added bass. basically if you want a DBA detail with more bass, go with the Pana. Allthough slightly lusher, v-type etc. Rather paradox phones, they strike a good balance of sorts.


    o_O what where these guys listening to? No transparency hmm....

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