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NAD Viso HP50 : Another superb headphone from Paul Barton?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by craigster75, Jan 17, 2013.
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  1. Cheffy
    Really a shame because these phones are just so good other than the comfort. And unlike many, I actually like how they look. NAD, if you're listening, your customers have spoken loud and clear - they want your phones, but need better comfort!!
  2. Cheffy
    Thanks! Good to know that these will work fine. I keep tugging on my laptop when I roll my chair too far from my desk while wearing my headphones!!
  3. amigomatt
    Luckily, I've never had any issues with comfort with the NADs.  They are one of the most snug and comfortable headphones in my collection.  I just don't understand where people's comfort issues are coming from!
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  4. Cheffy
    Very fortunate for you!  For me (and many others it seems) the headband puts too much pressure on a small spot on the top of the head, and the earpads are simply too small to properly encapsulate my ears and so they press against the edges of the pads and the driver. The ear pad size isn't painful for me but the pressure becomes quite uncomfortable after an hour or two. The headband issue is the big problem, because it actually becomes painful after an hour. With my mods though the top of head pain has entirely disappeared, and the ear pads provide much more comfort.
    They sound soooo good though, it's worth a bit of modification to make them comfy.
  5. YamaVega

    Once the earpads thinned out, they will be as comfortable, even worse, as Grados. Plus, the headband's pleather will peel off eventually. Build, comfort and looks are the bane of these cans
  6. amigomatt
    Well, I have a smaller than average head size, it seems, which is a great advantage when it comes to these NADs, as they fit my ears and head perfectly and very comfortably.  The downside to my small head is just how completely ridiculous many full size cans look on me.  The likes of my Hifimans and Beyer DT150 are comedy gold on my head!
  7. LajostheHun
    That's news to me. They make electronics but never seen many speakers from them other then some lifestyle or BT speakers under the same "Viso" branding.

  8. Topspin70
    Speaker-focused, not speakers. As in Hifi electronics predominantly meant for playback through speakers, not headphones. That's been their heritage since the legendary 3020, a gear that got many audiophiles started in this hobby, including myself.

  9. LajostheHun
  10. Timoteo80

    No, GOTCHA is an 80's clothing line & has nothing to do with speakers or headphones :joy:
  11. arjrluap
    Got these last week for 249CAD after longing for it since 2014. Truly a great sounding headphone. Not analytical (neutral/flat) to my ears, that distinction belongs to the ATH-IM02s. But boy, it does have a tight and plentiful sub bass slam & wide soundstage for a closed can. Enjoyed these with recordings that's got a lot of drums.

    Now comparing them to the B&W P7 Wireless (479 CAD):

    Bass: The bass quality of HP50 sounds better to my ears. Don't get me wrong, P7s got plenty of bass but it's more of the mid-bass that it reminds me a lot of the Beats Studio Wireless. It's not bad, it's just that I don't feel/hear it to be a 479CAD-worthy.

    Mids: I like the mids better on the Viso HP50. P7Ws mids are too withdrawn to my ears possibly because it was tuned to give a sense of air/clarity, but in turn gives you the impression that the singer is behind the bass player and the percussionist.

    Highs: Now here is where the P7W beats the HP50. Very detailed and again airy, the P7W gives you a sense of space of not only a wide soundstage but a deep and clear soundstage. As for the HP50, it sounds more natural to me but it doesn't have the same soundstage as the P7W. It's wide yes, but it's not as deep as the P7W.

    Conclusion: HP50>P7W. Yes, you will have the benefit of not having a cord dangling with the P7 Wireless which can cause accidental tugging of either the phone or the headphone but the HP50's sound sig is just too good, I'll just have to live dealing with these cords I guess. The only thing that holds them back of being perfect is the fit. You have to have the ears/head that perfectly & comfortably fit the ear pads/headband of these cans. Otherwise, you're missing out on what Paul Barton wants you to hear and experience.
  12. LajostheHun
    The P7W was on my radar till the new AT direct digital BT headphones were announced at CES now I'm waiting on those to arrive into the US.
    But in any case I never thought the HP50 had good bass, to me it's always been it's "Achilles's heel" to me and excelled in everything else. However since I'm not afraid to use EQ I can get dialed in where I need it to.
    Here is the BT version of the HP50: :wink:
  13. Audacity
    Hello all. Can anyone that has experience with DAPs recommend me one to use with these that will scale them nicely with good synergy? My budget is $800 total for headphones and dap, with dac/amp if necessary. I am thinking about picking these headphones up used for $100 or new for $150. So that leaves plenty of breathing room for dap and/or dac.
  14. Topspin70

    Wow. Has the price dropped to $150 for new? I get very enjoyable results with iPhone 7 > USB3 CCK > AQ Dragonfly Black > HP50. I tried pure DAP, using iBasso DX80, but the former sounds better (clearer and more authority) to my ears. I find the iDSD Nano dac/amp pretty good but it's clunky compared to the two previous setups.
  15. Rdwng1975

    Although it's not real popular here, I ended up keeping the Pono player with my hp50's. I tried - x5ii, X3ii, an the Akjr. Akjr came in 2nd place.
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