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Mytek Announces Clef Mobile MQA DAC/Amp @ CES 2017

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  1. cardeli22
    I believe the Clef was their first product made in China. They may have had issues with the manufacturer or the materials used, who knows. The lack of consistent communication is unsettling I'm sure for those who preordered. I wanted one of these too. I'm not an early adopter so I wanted to see more reviews of actual users before pulling the trigger. I was also looking at their Liberty dac but this situation has me backing off. All I can say is GL
  2. Greg Wodark
  3. vaxick
    I'd contact the card company you ordered it with to force a refund. They have buyer protection for situations such as this. Your emails will be proof that you've attempted communication. They'll refund you your money and go after Mytek to refund them.
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  4. Greg Wodark
    I too, have been eagerly anticipating the “Clef”! It seems like such an amazing and innovative design. Now, I have not put money down as several of you have. However, I have sent them numerous emails, with zero response.
    Judging from the many glowing professional reviews of their high end products, they have delivered very quality products ( even lately). One interpretation of the extremely poor communication, is like you said “they don’t seem concerned “. That could be.
    Alternatively, they could be having cash flow problems. A manufacturing disaster like was described, can devastate a small company. They of course, would not be able to say that, if true. Admitting it, would be like a self fulfilling prophecy ( or a run on the bank). A whiff of that vibe, would kill sales and the company. If that is indeed the case, they are probably trying like mad to work their way out of the mess. I hope they make it, because I really like the the thinking behind their products.
    Another possibility, is that the owner just is not a good communicator, and procrastinates talking about problems. Some people try to fix the problem first, rather than talk about it. If so, he is compounding the damage, by making us all wonder what is up.
    In any case, demanding money back probably is not going to help. Unless, you are right, and they just do not care. Somehow, based on the effort and thinking they have exhibited to get where they are now, I find that scenario unlikely. The other two possible situations I described, make more sense to me.
  5. captblaze
    from my understanding (nothing official) the first company they hired produced a poor quality enclosure. to me the design seems like a recipe for disaster to produce.

    That being said, shame on Mytek for stiffing anybody regardless of circumstance
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  6. maxcat
    Any updates? :expressionless:
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  7. cardeli22
    This is where I feel the audio review sites fail the readers. I haven't seen anything about this situation anywhere outside of this thread. Too many people who pre-ordered this product feel like they are in the dark when it comes to updates regarding the product. Like a kickstarter company that went dark. I really wanted to see this succeed because I was interested in the product. I hope those who have not gotten a refund get some updated answers.
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  8. Greg Wodark
  9. Greg Wodark
    On the Mytek Clef website, they are promoting ordering the product ( the Clef). There is a note near the bottom of the page, saying it is back ordered until Dec. 1! So, perhaps we will find out soon, if indeed the Clef really exists, as a viable real product.

    In the meanwhile, I have intensely examined the reviews of the new iFi XDSD mobile Bluetooth DAC and headphone amplifier. This is a very close competitor to the Clef! It has very good Bluetooth ( both Aptex and AAC)), decent power, a very good Burr Brown chip ( DAC functionality), a lot if inputs and outputs, and is fairly light and small. However, it is $399!

    So, assuming the Clef is really now available, at $299, it is really a good value. Of course, no one has done in-depth reviews yet. Therefore, it is still theoretically a good value. However, based on the stellar build quality and sophistication of the rest of Mytek’s products, it seems reasonable that the Clef will eventually deliver on it’s promise.
  10. Newsprint
  11. Newsprint
    Thanks for starting the conversation once again. I have attempted to reach the Mytek team many times throughout this unfortunate experience, yet I have never received a response. It is very unfortunate that they refuse to update us. The lack of communication and transparency is unnerving. I have requested that they give me a complete refund and it’s gone to deaf ears. At this point I am holding on to hope in that they do the right thing BUT I wouldn’t be surprised if they scammed me from my money.

  12. fbny71
    I am very interested in the Clef so this has all been very disappointing to hear. As enticing as the iFi XDSD I opted for the $99 Bluewave GET Wireless DAC/Amp from Massdrop.

    I love my Brooklyn DAC+ and haven't had any of the negative customer service experiences others have described (maybe because I haven't needed any customer service!) so I will still consider upgrading to the Clef.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2018
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  13. Newsprint
    Update - Tuesday evening at around 10pm EST I received an email from Clef. Straight forward communication of a refund via Shopify. No explanation no apologies just a refund nearly a year later. What a joke - shame on Mytek. Worst consumer experience I have experienced and will share with anyone that mentions the Mytek brand. Hope this tid bit of info helps others going through the same unfortunate experience.

    Oh and BTW - it’s been 3 days now and I yet to see a refund on my credit card statement/site. Hoping to see it soon

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  14. Greg Wodark
    I called Mytek yesterday, to see if indeed they are shipping the product yet ( as the website suggested, on. Dec. 1). I actually spoke to someone helpful. It may have the company founder, as he had a thick accent ( he is from Poland). I did not think to ask him!

    In any case, he told me that the original factory in China, produced unacceptable plastic parts. So, they had to start over with an entirely different factory. That is the cause of the delay. They hope to have the product ready in February, he said. Despite the difficulties, he reaffirmed their commitment to deliver the product. For what it is worth...
  15. Newsprint
    Either way, it’s no excuse to not reach out to those who have mad a purchase year ago. I am totally understanding to the fact that they ran into manufacturing issues - what I am not open to is the lack of communication and the lack of customer service when I reached out to get answers. Not to mention I finally get a refund 11 months later and one again no explanation or apologies. To each their own but I wouldn’t leave people hanging like that.
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