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Mytek Announces Clef Mobile MQA DAC/Amp @ CES 2017

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  1. yurivv
    What? February? They "hope" you said? Oh my, some manufacturers manage to change a couple of generations of smartphones in a year, and not just the plastic case, and some manage to launch a couple of rockets into space... Is the plastic case of Clef really THAT complex to manufacture than a rocket?
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  2. Greg Wodark
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  3. Pro-Jules
    I know the founder / owner, that was likely him on the phone. He's a nice guy. He can get very deep into things and then drop out of touch. Classic obsessive audio designer / boffin behavior. Audio quality is his passion. Fingers crossed every one gets what they want.

    PS I won't pass messages along to him - just trying to add some background on his character.
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  4. Newsprint
    All and all - I do wish them luck. Hoping their audio quality takes them far :)
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  5. cardeli22
    Any updates on the Clef? I checked their website and doesn't seem to be.
  6. AudioDac
    No. They pretty much took our money and ran.
  7. cardeli22
    Damn that sucks.
  8. Greg Wodark
    I just spoke with the company. They still have not found a resolution to the quality control problem on China. They are “looking for a manufacturer, who can build the device with the quality they expect”, ( slightly paraphrased). So, they were not willing to promise a date this time( probably because they have not delivered on several other dates)!
    He estimated “ maybe June”? I would expect that is not very comforting news, for those who have either paid for, or want to buy the product. So, there it is!
    The good news is that there more and more competing devices ( particularly, from iFi, as I have posted before). Those unwilling to wait anymore, can go that route.
    I would hope because of the really solid reviews and reputation, of both their professional and “HiFi”, product lines, that they have the wherewithal to eventually deliver the “Clef”, as advertised. However, as the saying goes “ don’t hold your breath”!
    From all the goodwill they seem to have generated among reviewers, they certainly have been worthy of trust. Everyone has failures and mistakes. The problem here is that the lack of communication and/ or slow response, has angered people.
    It brings to mind the Tesla Model 3 for $35,000 controversy! Since, it is a little more visible, maybe people have been more tolerant. However, the truth is Tesla may not be able to deliver, or even survive as a company! No one knows, really. Same with Mytek, in my opinion.
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  9. Greg Wodark
    I know you are not happy with them, obviously.
    However, to be fair, they are still in Brooklyn, working away! So while they did apparently take your money, they did not “run”, as you say. Hopefully, you will get it back soon. I posted below a comment from company above, on the status of the product, in replying to another comment.
  10. cardeli22
    It was not I who said that "They took my money and ran". I had my eyes on their product since it was first mentioned (2017/2018 in Canjam NYC I believe). Thankfully I did not put down any money. Like you said, there are other devices, ifi audio, Fiio BTR3, and the es 100 (Hiby w5 seems on track to come out this May). I think only ifi audio from those names listed has the MQA support for those who were looking for that.
  11. yurivv
    I understand those of us who live outside the US - we have nothing to count on. I am surprised by something else - it is completely clear that the company has also screwed up those who live in the USA. And nevertheless continues the activity. WTF? It is clear that the game "we are looking for production of decent quality" can last forever. The company did not fulfill any promise. They do not want to communicate with customers at all. Moreover, they did not make a money back to those who wanted this. These people clearly expressed their intention to return their money. It was last summer. Nobody got any money since then. If it happened in the jurisdiction of my country, I would have long ago contacted to law enforcement.
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  12. cardeli22
    I feel like they should have returned everyone's money, even for those that did not request it. This way they can focus on the product and getting it the way they wanted it without trying to rush it because of those who have put down money already. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, the competitors have great products and smaller in size. With more on the way (Fiio M5 for example), they may want to scrap the design all together and start with a new idea. The only way to do that is to refund everyone's money.
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