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Sep 30, 2012

In response to the many questions about the upcoming product, MYSPHERE 3.1, we want to start this thread by offering the following answers to questions received.

The idea behind this is to answer questions placed here as quickly as possible. We expect this to be more efficient than the timing of any updates to the homepage or of PM's.

We hope that the whole community will thus appreciate the availability of quickly posted answers to questions posed.

Here are the first main: FAQ’s and answers:

“Where can I take the opportunity to listen to and handle the product?”

· in addition to exhibition at the RFAM in Denver and the CANJAM – Europe in Berlin, we plan to make MYSPHERE 3.1 available for loan to the customers who pre-ordered the product, via the homepage, and send the item as requested. Whilst shipping and logistics costs will be charged, the loan of the item itself will be free of cost for assessment for a one-week --maximum-- period.
Additionally it is planned that selected dealers will have the product available for demonstration in their show rooms. Details will follow this Autumn.

“Please let me have a detailed price list with all selectable options.”

· The price list will be available in Autumn 2017 when product development and testing will be finalized.

“May I get some more technical information?”

· It’s planned to conclude the second beta-testing with selected experienced users first. Final acoustic tuning will follow in response to these inputs.
It is expected that this phase will be finalized end of September this year.
Evolved and refined technical details and specifications will be reflected step by step in homepage updates here:

“What is new compared to the old AKG K1000 ?”

The MYSPHERE 3.1 project started with defining the pro’s and con’s of the K1000, to then develop a new unit that would overcome the weaknesses identified in the old design.
The pro’s: Acoustic open design, transparency & spatial Image; No heat or sweat on ear; Acoustical brilliance, clarity; strong transient response.
The con’s: weak bass performance; Insufficient sound pressure / dynamics; Distortions on some program material = R&B; Insufficient comfort in use; Demands powerful additional amplification

Analysis based on P&C’s:

Openness, transparency and strong dynamic performance aided by low effective acoustical mass.

Brilliance is enhanced by the acoustical free field response, designed to work optimally, being in sympathy with the principle and function of transfer of sound through the human ear. Low harmonic distortions (till max. level) aid performance.

The operation of the human ear converts the frequency- and phase response to aid production of spatial information and render a sense of space.

The considerable distance to the human ear entrance relative to the volume of air which needs to be moved must be accounted for to inform production of a potent device. By minimizing this distance to an optimum, both bass performance and maximum sound pressure level are optimized.

High amplification demand is caused by high electrical impedance and low sensitivity.

R&B distortions result from poorly executed manufacturing technology processes and obsolete --for the application-- materials.

The heavy and large design is hard to use / wear.

MYSPHERE’s main differentiators:

A smaller square transducer is placed closer to the ear entrance.

A new combination of coil- and rim design increases sensitivity without increase of harmonic distortion or moving mass.

An optimized state-of-the-art simulated membrane design incorporating a glass-foam reinforced membrane structure enables low resonance frequency and high damping, under a production process that gives stable, reliable results.

Modern glues will be used for fixing fast moving parts, including the membrane and coil, to reduce harmonic and non-harmonic distortion up to peak membrane excursions.

“On ear” design layout will increase the sound pressure and bass level as a consequence of the reduced distance in use which optimises near field pressure on the ear. The design is conceived to provide transducers that levitate still – A “hover ear headphone” might be the best symbolic wording.

Low electrical impedance makes the device fit for use with today’s contemporary transportable sound source gadgets.

A new head fastening bow distributes mechanical pressure on the head over a large area and helps reduce mass away from the centre point of gravity to give enhanced wearing comfort.

Important parts are milled from scratch proof coated aluminium alloy for highest durability.

All acoustic components are designed and made in house with smallest tolerances. (Each product will sound the same as the other).

“Why can we not read your website in other languages in addition to English?”

Of course, there will be other language options as well in the future. But please be patient as the small team must focus on finalizing the project first towards ramping up a well-managed initial production.

“What if I live far away and how to get the product safe with no risk?”

The team at MYSPHERE will use professional forwarding agents and propose delivering DDP according to international terms. (Delivery Duty Paid). Of course, this service would affect the final price as well.

“Can MYSPHERE 3.1 provide full and high bass level?”

It will not be a “bass-monster” of course! But it can easily compete with most high-end headphones in this aspect of performance as well. Furthermore, the bass sounds very clear and without boom as no front pressure volume is present around the ear.
Exceptional air flow and pressure in free field is produced by the 40x40mm diameter membrane which offers a 4mm peak to peak movement.

“Will MYSPHERE support symmetric connection?”

The product can be connected via both sides (left or/and right) with no alteration of sound quality. In either case, symmetrical or asymmetrical connection to the amplifier with the same wiring length will be enabled (patent pending).

“Which amp match will optimize use of the product?”

MYSPHERE 3.1 is not unduly affected by the amplifier load due to its high sensitivity. However, specific to the design concept is the strong coupling between coil and magnet system, which gives an impedance increase at fundamental resonance.
This requires an amplifier with low internal resistance to sufficiently restrain membrane excursion at low frequencies.
This poses no issue for almost all solid-state amps, but may pose difficulty if connected to tube amps using OTL mode. We suggest avoiding such amplifier types for use in this mode with this product. A MYSPHERE variant offering a higher voice coil impedance will be announced in the future, according to demand.

“Can I participate and become beta tester?”

As beta testing has already begun, in early 2017, a critical issue is to use the same testers for consistency throughout the R&D phase. This will allow a more reliable identification of improvements in response. For these reasons we do not need new tester assistance at this time.

“Why will MYSPHERE 3.1 use a 3.5mm plug to make the signal connection”

Many people in the community were consulted to identify the most suitable connector for the cable. It turned out that alternatives are either too large and heavy or unreliable.
The specific 3.5mm 4-pole connector used is made by a highly reliable source using best connection material surfaces. Further, just to remind that in many cases, similar connectors do the same job as well at the other end of the cable.

The MYSPHERE team will be pleased to receive suggestions for a better suitable connector for a future update.

“When will the MYSPHERE 3.1 become available?”

MYSPHERE 3.1 will be presented for the first time in October 2017 during the RMAF in room # 6007 in Denver. The device will be available for online ordering after this event. Please note that production capacity is limited and for this reason, you may wish to use the reserve button on the homepage to minimize the order and delivery period.

Thank you for your help and questions in advance, yours,
Heinz Renner
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Hello, Heinz.
It was very interesting to read, and if it's OK to ask, why did you decide to choose the size of the driver to be 40 by 40 mm? You know, we are all taught that "the bigger the better". There some headphones that use dynamic drivers that are 50, 53 and even 70 mm. And those manufacturers claim that the use of such big drivers improves the bass and so on. And why the driver is square, not round?
By the way, I know, as you said that you must focus on more important things, but still I think you should ask some of the members here who are native speakers to rewrite/rephrase this FAQ to make it sound more natural and correct some mistakes (I'm sure there are many people here who will do it with pleasure). It's understandable, but still it's like the official FAQ.
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One of the main parameters in the design targets was the low overall mass and the low moving mass especially.
If you would target on a significant larger membrane,the magnet system has to be also larger and heavier and the moving mass would be larger as well.
Larger drivers used in some headphones, has often a not larger effective moving surface compared to Mysphere 3.1.
This is because just the moving rim surrounding the coil is larger. But only a part of it really move with the full excursion. This resulting an effective smaller moving surface. I do not like to compare in open thready with other products. But in a PM I can give you detailed examples.

A round membrane has in any case while moving high stress levels inside the moving rim. This cause distortions generically. This is why we chose the squared design as used in the K1000 as well.

Ok with the recommendation about correct English wording. I'll ask a friend of the community located and born in England.

BR heinz
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How about an actual date? I have been hearing Autumn 2016, then Spring 2017, now Autumn 2017. Got news for ya it pretty much is Autumn 2017.

Berlin is getting a Canjam now? What a massive dump on the midwest yet again.
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Hello, yes - there is delay in the project. Sorry about that, but quality first!
However, MYSPHERE 3.1 will be presented at RMAF 2017 in room # 6007 in Denver first time.
After that event at CANJAM-Europe in Berlin.
Hope you can jump in!
BR heinz
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Hello, yes - there is delay in the project. Sorry about that, but quality first!
However, MYSPHERE 3.1 will be presented at RMAF 2017 in room # 6007 in Denver first time.
After that event at CANJAM-Europe in Berlin.
Hope you can jump in!
BR heinz

I doubt it. Lost interest in the headphones and the bigotry that is Canjam makes me sick to my stomach.
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For those who had not the chance to test Mysphere3.1 at RMAF:
It will be presented at the CanJam NY as well by Woo Audio. Feel free to check it there!
Br heinz
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Which amp shall be chosen as pair for Mysphere 3.1:

Listening tests demonstrate:

  • When driven by simple I-phone like amplifiers, Mysphere offers the targeted performance envisaged by the design. Note; such units are not premium audio devices, and so sound and dynamics will of course be determined by the capability of the amplifier in these devices. Yet it’s nice to have the option to use Mysphere on the go.
  • Using potent solid-state amps, the clarity of sound reproduction increases, with extremely clear and precise bass response, image and sound-stage. Purity of sound is conveyed.
  • Tube amps give very good results though not in high impedance OTL mode. The sound generated was perfectly balanced for more than 90% of Mysphere listeners. Neither too great nor too little damping over all frequencies. The natural response and character of Tube amps is transmitted by Mysphere.

Finally, I recommend: “customers should discover for themselves what is preferred trying Mysphere 3.1
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LB-acoustics is proud to announce to start production of Mysphere3.x on 2nd of January 2018 aligned with the pre-orders received so far.
This means the production and delivery follows the ‘first come, first served’ basis as mentioned in the homepage


Mysphere 3.1 with a nominal impedance of 15 ohms is optimized for amplifiers which:
a) deliver not so much voltage = most of portable devices.
b) which has a typical output impedance above 5 ohms. (may be also up to 15 ohms)
The new additional product variant Mysphere 3.2 has an impedance of 110 ohms. It's mainly designed for use with solid state amps which can deliver high voltage peaks. Those typically has a very low output impedance.
But the suggested use case does not strict to be applied!
The main difference is given due to lower damping factor of the 3.2 version (more, but thinner coil winding's.
All other essential parameter of both Mysphere3.x versions are strictly the same. (example ... moving mass)
As general rule can be seen:
"Version 3.1 deliver a bit more precision; whereas 3.2 deliver more warm sound character, but need more voltage for the same sound pressure".

Do not hesitate to rise any questions which are needed to be answered.

BR heinz
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Hello friends,

Would like again (because many questions come in via PM) to explain the topic about the introduction of the Mysphere variant 3.2 and the optimal adjustment of the amplifier:

> Mysphere 3.x is designed so that no acoustic volume is used. This results in no unwanted resonators and this turn into an optimal pulse response.

> The damping of the diaphragm, however, can only be realized by mechanical and electrical measures. The air damping is not feasible without volumes. The mechanical part is solved internally pretty perfect, towards the electrical damping the user must help.

That means exactly what I have already recommended earlier.

Just for a better understanding, I made a measurement. This shows how the frequency response behaves in relation to the output resistance of the amplifier (including cable).

Many people argue that 1dB deviations are audible ...

But I say:
Mysphere 3.1 - Headflux-Impedanz HI - System resistance dependent frequency response.JPG

That's not true without reservation. Because 1dB over the entire frequency response as a level difference in the A / B test to hear (with switch) - yes you can!

But to hear a difference within the frequency response - without a direct comparison – no, I personally can only hear differences of more than 3dB.

But I'm already a senior! :wink:

Because of all these considerations, my recommendation is to use version 3.2 below ~ 5 ohm output impedance of the amplifier, and above version 3.1.

But as said, the rest is ultimately also a matter of taste in relation to the desired sound signature.

BR Heinz Renner
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Hello, Heinz.
When are you going to introduce the finished version of the Mysphere? I mean the pictures of the box, what comes with the heaphones and the photos of the Mysphere (as far as I understand ar the RMAF there was stil a prototype, alhough the one which is close to the production version).
And, by the way, do you plan to sell the Mysphere only through your website? Or are they going to avalable through some dealers around the world?
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Production start is on 2nd of January 2018.
At the same time the requests will start based on the pre-orders received, to change towards a regular order. Inline with the row of orders, deliveries will start.There will be no official kind of introduction to market now. But the final products will shown at:
USA: CanJam in NY in Feb. 2018 and later at Socal in LA and in spring 2018 at Axpona in Chicago.
EU: Audiovista in Krefeld Germany End of February, and May at High-End show in Munich (which will be the first official press release).
Of course final pics af all parts including boxes, cables a.s.o. will be shown on the Homepage in January.
But also it will be a pleasure to show them in this forum soon.
The product will be sold worldwide from the beginning by the web-page only. We have first to settle the complete ramp-up of production inline with the given orders. When capacity will increase further, may be dealers can drop in as well.
BR heinz
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