my new HD650 sounded awful... but not anymore! (updated title)
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Hmm. Well, over the years, many people start building up a music collection
which is custom tailored for your speakers / headphones.. (at least I did)

If that is the case for you, my tip would be to go to some online store, and, using your HD650s,
sample and download some new high bitrate tunes that you like the sound of.

New tunes will leave you completely without much comparison bias, and
by picking new tunes that sound good with your HD650s, you will find tunes
that can probably better exploit what the HD650's can do.

My last upgrade, I went on a music shopping spree when I got the headphones, and
I didn't really use the new phones with my old collection until a few weeks later.

(I had built up a collection based on Koss PortaPros, which are very bassy. I later realized
that much of my old music was very lacking in the bass department, but had survived on
the bass boost from the Portapros)
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Originally Posted by tim3320070 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
If you hate them now, you will hate them after 300 hours, sorry but they just don't change that much for you to go from hating to loving them.

I agreed. the change will be subtle at best, rather than a night and day change. I haven't got best of amps, however, it's not so much the sound, it's that i don't really enjoy them, not like my HD25-1's.
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I have the 650's, balanced and recabled and have tried them with dozens of amps. Bottom line is you should return them if you don't like them (I hope you bought from a place that accepts returns). I think the D5000 are >>> than the 650's for my selection of music (primarily electronic, rock, small amounts of hip-hop, jazz, and classical). I don't think the denons are more colored than the 650; the 650 has exaggerated midbass and slightly rolled off highs, the denon has exaggerated bass and perhaps a slight midrange scoop. The denons are faster and more engaging, the 650's are slow, and moderately improved by balancing.
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no..I dont think i can return them. this is how it goes in israel, the only reason for returning is if something is broken or damaged which is not in the buyer's fault.

I found some cds that sound good with them..they are not so bad after all, but probably need some burn in and i need to get used to them also.

but yesterday i listened to the steely dan "aja" album and it sounded superb, even more than my grado with that album! (could it be..?)
and also all of symphony x albums also sound really good.
they just need the right cds with the right equalisation i guess.

I didn't try too hook em' straight to the marantz and maybe i will, but i think that the marantz internal amp won't be enough to drive them. also my external dac is better, but i will give it shot.

thanks everybody for your comments, it really helps me to pass this phase. and start to enjoy the HD650. As i mentioned,i already started to get used to them...the ears can get used to almost anything very quickly. that's one of the things i learned from my relatively short experience with headphones.
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I know you said no mods.....but have you tried removing those thick foam pads that cover the drivers? I can't stand ANY Senn's with those pads in place. You might as well put a pillow over your speaker!
Try removing those pads, it's so simple to do and if you don't like it, they are easy to reinstall.
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Originally Posted by plonter /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I didn't try too hook em' straight to the marantz and maybe i will, but i think that the marantz internal amp won't be enough to drive them. also my external dac is better, but i will give it shot.s.

it is enough, try it. you might be surprised.
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There is one other thing that I don't believe anyone mentioned. How loudly do you listen?

I auditioned the HD650's at the CES when they were first introduced. I liked them, so when I could I purchased a set. At home however I found them sort of flat and lifeless, boring. They lacked dynamic contrast. I broke them in and still they kind of sucked. My amp and source were significantly better than what I had heard them with at CES, and yet they sucked at my house.

It took me a while to figure it out, but in the end I did. At the CES it's a noisy environment so in order to hear the music I turned it up louder than I normally listen at home. So to my ears the HD600/650's don't come alive dynamically until they are being played louder than I normally listen at home (I make an effort to listen at very modest levels. I want to try and keep my hearing). When cranked (louder than I normally listen) the HD-650's become much more exciting, but unfortunately I'm not willing to sacrifice my ears to make the 650's sound acceptable. The 600/650's are a lot like some planar speakers; they need to be cranked to sound good.

That's why I prefer AKG K701's or Denon 7000's to the Sennheiser sound. Oh... and it seems that to these ears the same is true of the 800's as well.
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Originally Posted by plonter View Post
where is the bass that everybody is talking about?

That was the same impression I got when I heard stock HD650's and balanced HD650's. I am coming from Denon AH-D2000's and have heard the D5000's extensively. The HD650 sound signature to me is just how the OP described, balanced, flat, boring (coming from Denons) but relatively clear (not K701 clarity) with some mid bass. The bass wasn't anywhere what people were describing it and while I can see how it would be VERY good for jazz, classical, vocals, it just didn't do it for me & my broad range of music taste.
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Originally Posted by Uncle Erik /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I thinkyou just got your firat taste of neutrality (or near enough) and did not like it.

Instead of "burn in" or buying more gear, you should condition yourself to more neutral gear. Go to see live music. It can be anything - a street performer, concert at school, bar band - and pay close attention to the sound. If you or a friend play an instrument, play and record it. You don't need fancy equipment, even an average laptop can record. Play the recording back through the headphones and directly compare it to the live sound.

You will find that the HD-650 is closer to the real thing than the others. Denons and Grados are the equivalent of coating everything with sugar. Yes, that might taste good at first, but you'll grow tired of the constant sugar. You'll eventually prefer the real thing to the candy coating, even though the candy is what's most attractive initially.

Very true, Uncle Erik. There's no doubt in my mind that the 650 is balanced to emulate the sound of live music, but live music recorded from a reasonable distance. Bass frequencies travel; treble frequencies don't. Consequently the further the distance an instrument, band or orchestra is recorded from, the less treble you'll hear. I listen to classical/orchestral music and find the 650 balanced to recreate what I hear in the concert hall, which suits me fine. However, I recognise that it isn't always what others are seeking or, in the case of the OP, what they expect after listening to other phones. When most people hear live music, it's in a club or small hall where they're within 20 feet of the percussion; obviously their experience of the sound of live music is going to be quite different to mine and so is their idea of an "accurate" phone. I would advise the OP to give himself time, listen as you suggest to live music, preferably in the open, but not to be surprised if in the end he still can't adjust to the 650. I think they're a great phone, underappreciated if anything, but by no means for everybody.
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from someone with both recabled and woody D2000 and redcabled HD600, I think you my just either never like them, or need to listen to only them for a while so-as you get used to them. I actually dont like the HD650 and find them a bit boring myself. but the HD600, when powered properly is a nice compliment to my denons. the senns have an airy and dynamic quality that you just cant get from denons no matter what type of woodcups and while the bass is certainly not like denons in terms of quantity (dont know why you were expecting them to be, D5000 are bass monsters) its certainly very tight and with good texture. I wouldnt rely on burn-in to 'fix' the problem for you. maybe give them a little more time, with just them and then make your decision closer to the end of your time to return them. if not then sell them on and get something else like a recable for the denons or a new amp

edit: I see some of what I said is already starting to happen after giving them some time. hadnt read your last post before posting
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Originally Posted by AtomikPi /img/forum/go_quote.gif
the 650's are slow

The HD650's and HD600's drivers are among the fastest of all dynamic headphones. They have no treble spikes to give the impression of "speed" but that does not make them slow.
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Chill out man.
Your brain is just in maniac overdrive from all the excitement and constant thinking about speakers that are strapped to your head.
Live with it for a bit and your mind will adjust.
Oh yeah, dedicated amp always helps.
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when i went from my sennheisers to my MD5000's, i thought the Denon's sounded like CRAP, it took a long time for me to get used to them, and now i absolutely love them (except for the murderous treble).

Switching is hard ;_;

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