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Music for Electrostatics

Discussion in 'Music' started by vinekly, May 25, 2018.
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  1. vinekly
    I love to listen to my Stax headphones and my CLS II and stacked Quad ESL loudspeakers. Of course, some songs sound better than others. For those of you with similar passions, I'd love to hear your recommendations of songs and albums that really play to the strengths of your electrostatic equipment!

    One album that I really love is T. Rex's self-titled album; Root of Star and The Wizard both sound truly amazing on the Quads. I also love listening to Bjork on electrostatics. Her acapella album Medulla is particularly fun with Stax headphones. I also love to listen to classical guitar on my CLS II speakers.

    What do you guys enjoy?
  2. xantus
    each recording takes you to a space

    you are right there with them... in a shack

    on stage..

    ascending to heaven

    and becoming one with god
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  3. FullBright1
    Charlotte Gainsbourg

    Song : Deadly Valentine

    Album : Rest
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  4. vinekly
    Great album!
  5. FullBright1
    Im enjoying it.
    Her last one, "5:55" is also full of interesting music.
  6. FullBright1
    Angel Station

    Song ; Where is Pink ??

    Album : The Matter Of Moments
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