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Moving from IEMs to full size headphones

  1. riverred105
    I’ve always used iems and have never really heard anything remotely close to a premium headphone. I use, have auditioned, or will audition if not summit fi, then A+ iems (prophile 8, aaw w900, qdc 8sh, camp Solaris (hopefully), hyla.

    Which headphones would be viewed as comparable in sound quality to the above iems. (Possible brands and cost point)

    Ignoring differences in driving these, how do the sound signatures match up for TOTL iems vs over the ear? ( bigger soundstage for over the ear, less detail??)
  2. serman005
    What will you be driving these over-ears with?
  3. riverred105
    A chord hugo 2 (I would consider upgrade if more powerful amp was needed)

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