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Mouse -Fi

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  1. GeorgeStorm

    I'd heard good things, friend said that they have negative acceleration which isn't good :/

    But it should be arriving tomorrow, if it turns out it's not my cup of tea, I'll sell it on and look again :)
    And don't worry about the high dpi steps, I'll most likely use 800 again :)
  2. GeorgeStorm
    Arrived today, it's a lovely mouse, really nice in the hand, looks great and feels well made.

    However, at 450dpi there does seem to be quite a lot of negative acceleration/skipping :frowning2:

    1150 seems fine though, so will probably still keep it since with some adjustments I can use that dpi, and everything else about the mouse is awesome :)
  3. Phos
    450 might work better at a lower polling rate, worth a shot.  
  4. GeorgeStorm
    I think I've test both 450 and 1150 at all 3 polling rates :frowning2:

    Will do more testing over the next couple of days, try out a couple of friends mats at uni (going back on Sunday) and then make up my mind.

    The guy has offered me a refund, so I may just take that, then try out some other mice.
    Really like the look of the Zowie AM though...
  5. PMAP
    Microsoft Habu... The mouse that was probably sculpted for my hand or something. When my last mouse died a few months ago, I was desperate enough to search for used Habu on eBay. Finally I found one last one in a store nearby (some old forgotten stock with damaged box). I don't know what I'm gonna do when this one goes to silicon heaven. Not even Razer DeathAdder, which is its sibling, sits this good [​IMG]
  6. Mshenay Contributor
    Oh Zowei does MICE :O I like the keyboard  got from them... maybe I should go with a mouse of thier too <3 I still enjoy mu Corsair M60, just wish it had more then 3 "extra" buttons! 
  7. GeorgeStorm

    Not a bad choice of keyboard, bit big for me though.

    Yeah the mouse is lovely, tempted to get an artisan pad to go with it, apparently awesome, but rather pricey :/
  8. Mshenay Contributor
    BIG dude the Zowei I have is smaller than most are e.e and trust me you can tell it's small I still mis type, either on my keyboard or on nrml full size keyboards
    but yea they are both good devices, I can have up to 5 total extra buttons if I remove the "increase' "decrease" DPI commands on two of the buttons, I belive it is an 9 Button mouse but 4 of those are left right Middle and Scroll [thins I well like to keep as is] leaving you 4 actualy buttons you can click, and the DPI buttons r rather cumbersome to get to and the other 3 are ofc very conveintly placed <3
  9. GeorgeStorm

    Haha, I currently use a KBC Poker (have a google, then you'll know what I mean :wink: )

    Mouse wise I only need one side button really, only use more every now and again, not needed, the steelseries kana looks pretty...
  10. Mshenay Contributor
    yes it's smaller than my Zowie! Looks nice enough though
    the M60 only has 3 really useful buttons and they are nice and useful xD
  11. Kirosia
    Logitech G700 and G19 on sale at Amazon, gold box
  12. Arainach
    I've got 3 G500s myself now (Home Desktop, Work Desktop, "Spare" (either laptop or for my fiancee's desktop, haven't decided which yet). Truly wonderful. Microsoft Mice work well enough for most desktop use for me, but for gaming and pure comfort it's logitech all the way. I went through a long line of them (MX510 - great for its time, a bit low-DPI eventually, MX1000 - stunning except for the awful battery life, MX518 - a truly wonderful mouse that I was sad to see go when I replaced it with the G500) and they've never let me down. Great customer service too.
  13. ZGojira
    Original Razer Naga for my desktop and Orochi on Mackbook Air 11" [​IMG]
  14. Kirosia
    I'm using a Logitech M305, which has a terrible scroll wheel. Any bit of dust, and it's near unusable. Other than that, good beater. Ordered the G700 for $55, don't need it, but better safe than sorry in case the m305 self-destructs.
  15. nsk1
    Microsoft IE 3.0, oldschool bitches! 7 years and still going strong. Had a couple of Logitechs and those are fine, but too small for me. Nothing matches my hand better, even my ****.
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