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Mouse -Fi

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  1. Audio-Omega
    Is Razer Mamba as fast and accurate as a wired Razer ?  
  2. Phos
    I'm not a fan of Phillips Twin Eye sensors, so I personally wouldn't get it.  It currently has X and Y sensors, but they're offset in such a way that it often interprets lifting the mouse or the mouse sinking into the mouse pad as diagonal movement. If Phillips were to add -X and -Y sensors to cancel out these errors it might be the best sensor, but as is I wouldn't want a mouse that uses one of them.  
  3. Mshenay Contributor
    I got Corsair M60 and I enjoy it very much, more buttons would be nice but for FPS the 2 that it has is pretty awesome! I've not used it with Vindictus yet although I have a feeling that the two Buttons will NOT be an issue there! 
  4. GeorgeStorm
    Currently using a CMStorm Sentinel Advance.
    Pretty pleased with it, although every now and again it will just shoot over to the other side of the screen for no reason :/

    Got it 2nd hand for a decent price though, so can't really complain since it's a rare occurrence.
  5. GeorgeStorm
    Despite what I just said, am considering getting something new (since my brother likes the look of my current mouse)

    Been looking at the G400, any other suggestions?
  6. DougofTheAbaci
    Steelseries or Razer are worth a look. Each offers different things depending on what kind of game you play, which features, etc.
  7. GeorgeStorm

    Looking for a mouse with a decent sensor I guess, adjustable dpi would be nice (currently use 800).
    1/2 side buttons (1 minimum), and the normal 2 main with a scrollwheel.

    Don't need many fancy features or whatever
  8. DougofTheAbaci
    Well, any gaming mouse would do that. A favorite is the Death Adder because it has the added bonus of on-the-fly switching by pressing the scroll wheel and scrolling up/down. I wish someone else would implement that.
  9. GeorgeStorm

    Well, I'm sure lots will do it, I'm wondering which are the better choices.

    Not bothered about on the fly dpi switching if that's what you're referring to, since I use 800 all the time.
  10. DougofTheAbaci
    I didn't think much of it until I had it but it's nice for making small adjustments based on how you're playing that day. I know for myself that some days my reactions are very on target and I can have the sensitivity way up and hit every target where other days I need to tone it down just to hit center-mass.
    But beyond that, the Death Adder is still a good mouse. Sensei from Steelseries is supposed to be pretty solid as well.
  11. GeorgeStorm
    Thinking of getting a Zowie EC1 EVO since I can pick one up in good condition for £25...

    And since the main game I play (TF2) requires some standard mouse movement, change the sensitivity and suddenly you have to completely readjust, I'd never be able to cope, just want the one dpi really. (aslong as it's low)
  12. DougofTheAbaci
    Never heard of them, though it looks like a Steelseries clone. Give it a try and let us know how it turns out.
  13. GeorgeStorm
    Friend has heard mixed things, so I may not be keeping, but I like the looks and as a result hopefully feel of the mouse.

    If it doesn't work out, tempted to go for a steelseries, or something like the zowie am :D
  14. DougofTheAbaci
    If you're having doubts just get a Steelseries mouse. They are very solid mice.
  15. Phos
    The Zowie's probably the better option, Steelseries's mice never panned out how you might expect.  The Sensei and Xai use the 9800, Kana uses a pixart sensor with a low malfunction speed.  
    G400, Death Adder, EC/AM, Savu (don't use the highest DPI step, it's fake), Maybe the CM Storm Spawn.  Those mice have the best sensors.  The funny thing is you can't pay attention to who makes it, mouse sensors are so funny that there's typically only one or two models from a given manufacturer that perform well.  Pretty much all of Zowie's mice use the same internals.  
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