MOONDROP's first planar earphone - STELLARIS is up now!
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I changed my opinion from my post above. Please give these a chance with a rather deep insertion-that is why the nozzles are rather long, to accomodate this, similar but not as deep as an ER4SR.

The peaks that people see in measurements but are not in the measurements Moondrop themselves made-and on the back of the box-are likely due to this fit concerns.

I did a 180 on the stock tips. They are good, and still energetic, but my problem is that I was using a large size, because that is what I usually use. However for deeper insertion I can use medium sized tips. Itried the stock Softears tip, JUST medium this time. The sonic signature got "fixed"-less details, but everything more balanced. It is still detailed-quite a bit-but there are no more audible peaks anymore. Thus this IEMs must be both used and measured with a rather deep insertion. If you want a more extreme signature, do wear them with a shallower fit, but then do not tell me they are broken! It's a quirky fit, but I admit they fit my ears perfectly, and are still much less "invasive" than the ER4SR (nothing against the latter, I love them.)

In the end, the Spiral Dot++ at the intended deep insertion do sound more open than the medium sized Softear tips. Since I love details, that is what I am using, but the included Softears offer a pleasant, "normal, detailed, and non fatiguing signature-the fit is all-important, though.

Be wary of even well-known reviewers giving you a bad impression of the Stellaris. The treble is well-presented, and only if you are very, very treble sensitive you would be offended, granted a proper fit.

Love these very much, either with the Softears or Spiral Dot++-but they do need more power than any old IEM. An amp will do great by these. No weak bass at all, it is just that it focus on deep bass rather than mid and upper bass. Does not sound lifeless unless you are wearing them very shallow.

I have heard that some people cannot fit them well due to ear shape issues. Lucky I am not in that camp. But do try and get to your own conclusions. I think these are a hit, as they may be one of my most airiest of earphones of any kind, and without messing too much with a "normal" sound signature.

Moondrop, I liked these very much. 👍Many thumbs up from me.
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Everyone every reviewer absolutely hating on this IEM, only Z didn't. It is fantastic! I love it, Donku ear tips definitely improved the sound for me so much! I intend try out Spinfit for long nosseled IEM tips. It is my first IEM from Moondrop. I definitely appraise them for not following trends with this Harman Curve target stuff. I don't see it as anyway a cash grab not at all. I mean yeah sure improvements can be done in the next next iteration. I have the Audeze Isine 10 so not like my first planar. I have it for years. This is coming from a guy that can't stand too much treble I EQ it mostly pop prog etc..
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I kind of like 'em. I'm rolling final type e tips and really love the more natural harmony than s12 and there's an air and extension to cymbals. I don't care for the lack of bass off my up5 or even bass boosted on the ifi go Blu but it all sounds pretty good on my questyle cma800r monoblocks from the gustard x26.

I couldn't get a good fit with either type of tip but may go back and try smaller for deeper fit and see how that goes.

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