Monster MD Fit Questions
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Oct 20, 2009
I am having fitting issues with my Monster MD. I am using the smaller white tips and get a really good seal when I do as suggested on their website and open my mouth when inserting. The problem is that that sound varies when I move around. It is like my ear canal moves when I lay down, walk around, move my jaw etc. The sound changes when I look down, up, etc. Is this a common feature with IEM. Will I be better off with a custom sleeve like the 1964 ears sleeve? Thanks!
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From the sound of it, it seems that the exit bore of your eartip maybe very close to closing itself via the wall of your ear canal (too deeply inserted).
It happens to me when a canal phone isn't inserted at a proper angle into my ears.
Did you try adjusting the earphone to a possible, more comfortable angle? As long as the exit of the eartips' nozzle isn't blocked by the ear canals' wall, it shouldn't happen =O
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Did it work out? =)
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I seem to be using t500 Comply tips; the smalls that came with the sampler set I bought. Cut the extra foam after the tubing, and now they don't insert so far and sound great with my Tributes.
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Try some Meelec M9/M11 bi-flange tips and over the ear wear.  If you insert at an upward angle, assuming your ear shape is similar to mine, you get a straigter shot to the ear drum to enhance clarity and treble detail.  Helps with a snug fit too.  Don't be afraid to try different things to get the best fit.  Too many people give up too soon when trying new phones though some just don't have ears that go well with certain phones.

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