Monoprice Monolith M1060 and M560 Planar Headphones
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Ok really bad at electric calculations... but is this right?

I read that the CCA is 2 Vrms, and these headphones are 50 ohm.

So V/r=I... or 2 Volt/50ohm=0.04 Amp
P=IV... 2 Volt*0.04 Amp=0.08 Watt or 80 mW. Which is less than the minimum 200 mW requirement, and significantly less than the 4 Watt maximum.

I came up with 80 mW too. 

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  I kind of had the urge to cancel after I first heard about the connector issue. I'm going to give them a chance though. They do come with a 5 year warranty, which is a major determining factor for me. If it weren't for the five years, I would have sent them back no matter how good they sounded. Outside of the 5 years I could just hard wire the connection, which should be relatively simple. 
 The pads being a glued is a disappointment but I can live with it. The headphone they are copying glues their pads on too.
Judging from the early measurements and impressions these headphones look like an outstanding value.

   Couldn't the connections just be super glued?

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Day 2:
I ran these through my Bottlehead Crack instead of my solid state amp last night and was really pleased with how much better they sound. Big and full with deep bass and more present highs. Headspace is larger however these cans have a strong left/right center presentation and imaging is really poor but is more forward today than yesterday. The soundstage is pretty small and doesn't really reach beyond the ears. Upon inspection of the  driver its apparent its basically closed and does not allow of front to back air movement so I see why.
After a full night of pink noise running on them I have to say the bass has improved quite a bit and its pretty satisfying. the bass boost I added yesterday to make them sound full now makes them sound bloated so that's a good improvement. Good sub bass extension. Still quite detailed but a bit dark. The highs are buried and disappointing. 
My Grado sr125's are brighter and bassier (seriously) with less sub extension but less speed and detail.
They are cozy to wear but do get a bit hot on the ears.
Also bending the terminal in the coax connector (the headphone not cable connector) has eliminated the issue with the left connector cutting out. seems it wasnt pinching enough.
These are starting to shape up good but as of today I still think I would rather put the money toward sr325e's or the JH13V2 PRO's ive been itching to get. For the curious reader I would say for the price these are not bad but there are many other good options.
Will update more as they break in.
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I'm surprised that people are happy with the measurements. To Me it looks there is something very wrong with the headphones. There is a lot of ringing especially that 5khz is just insane.

It's called an ortho wall and isn't like traditional ringing of a dynamic driver.  The effect is mostly benign and has to due with the tension the diaphragm is set too.  Think of it like a snare drum.  You can make it loose so that it is tuned lower and is very thumpy, or tensioned higher and makes more of a crack.  There is the initial transient spike and then nearly inaudible ringing as it settles back to a stop.  
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   Couldn't the connections just be super glued?

Do you mean the headphone cable connection to the headphones. I don't think I would do that. I suppose you could but I have never heard of anyone doing that before. I would rather remove the current connector on the headphone and run a cable right up to the posts inside. Seems pretty straight forward and easy to access.
Does anyone know if the Monoprice Desktop Amplifier have enough power to optimally power these m1060?

The specs on the Desktop amp only give a 32 and 300 ohm rating. It lists it at less than or equal to 900mw for 32 ohms and 150 mw for 300 ohms. I would imagine that at 50 ohms the power output would be well above the 200 mw minimum optimal spec for the M1060. If I had to guess the Monoprice amp outputs somewhere in the neighborhood of 700 mW at 50 ohms. The less than or equal to power spec on the Monoprice site is a little strange though, it's not very definitive.
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Monoprice M1060 2nd day quick impressions
So by now  I've had a full day to listen to the M1060s and compare them to my LCD2 (the obvious competitor)
The headphones look nice and build quality is good for the price, the edges do seem a bit sharp on some parts especially the grills. Not a big deal but I did notice it at first. The faux leather pads are perfectly fine and very comfortable.   The pads are glued on which is not good because it makes it very hard to swap and replace them (but the LCD2 are also glued on)
The mmcx connectors are a very poor choice for these headphones, however I have not had any issues with mine and they have so far worked perfectly fine.

The 4' cable is too short and did not come with 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter.

The cups swivel which is nice because one can lay the headphones flat (the LCD2s do not).

Oh, and that faux leather smell is to die for!  lol  (In all seriousness, it is very similar to a new car smell for those that want to imagine what the smell is)
The headphones are very comfortable.  The weight is just about right, they are definitely lighter, easier to wear and more comfortable than the LCD2s.  The pad openings are slightly larger than the LCD2s which I prefer because they don't get as close to my ears and make the soundstage seem more open and airy.

Compared to the LCD2, the LCD2 is heavier, feels more solid and is better finished but is less comfortable. The M1060 is a very comfortable headphone.
The more I listen to these, the more I enjoy them.  They sound very similar to the LCD2s but everything seems just a little bit clearer, and slightly sharper which I am actually enjoying quite a bit. The bass and sub-bass seems to have similar quality, perhaps just a little bit less tightness and heft but that maybe because of the lighter weight of the headphone.
The sound quality of the M1060s is certainly very comparable to the LCD2s (maybe slightly better, maybe slightly worse depending on your sound preferences) but for the price they are a bargain.
It may even be possible that the driver in these is similar to LCD-X or LCD3 and that is why they sound slightly sharper than the LCD2s but I have never heard those before.
One more thing, the M1060s are a much better sounding headphone than their little brother the M560s
I think these headphones are very well suited for people that like to mod headphones.  The sound quality is very good and due to their relatively low price one could definitely improve them with mods.  The glued on pads is a big negative but I think people can figure out a way to get around that.
I think for the $300 price these are a very good headphone and sound quality wise they compete way above their price class.  
For those that are thinking of returning them I would say give them a chance.  They really have grown on me and even with the crappy connectors and possible reliability issues they are worth a try. Monoprice has a 30-day return policy and you can always return them later.
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  Day 2:
I ran these through my Bottlehead Crack instead 
My Grado sr125's are brighter and bassier (seriously) with less sub extension but less speed and detail.

Thanks for your impression. I have an OTL amp too (the LDmkII) and I was afraid it won't drive the M1060 well. What's your impression of driving it with the Crack?
ALso can you elaborate on the comparison with Grado? I remember the Grade to have almost no bass.
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Awesome. Thank you for your comparison! That is one of the hardest things about this hobby is that sound is SO subjective.

One question....Can you get the LCD2s cheaper somewhere? I see them for right around the $1000 range and if a $300 headset can at least compete with it (even if they fall AL little short) is more then just a good value...That is an amazing value.
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  Even tho i changed my mind on them, I can't stop thinking about them, as there the only headphones that I can think of that have that long of an warranty. That's what keeping me wanting to get them any way, Since I had an HE-500 years ago that drove me crazy with the SMC  twisting off on it own, I sure It can't be worst then that.

You must have had a poor cable, the SMC on my HE-500's does not ever twist off on its own, the connection is tight.

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