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Monoprice Monolith Liquid Spark - By Alex Cavalli

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ufospls2, Apr 4, 2018.
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  1. dBel84
    Opamps are irrelevant, they are control servo only. This amp is discrete front to back.
    .. dB
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  2. FangJoker
    My friend wants to know if the liquid spark and the mimby would be better than the chord mojo. He plans on using this with his macbook. I have no experience with the mojo or mimby, but I figure someone here would be able to give him a better answer than me. I also don't know which dac I want to pair this up with too. I was thinking of pairing this with the airist r2r dac when it's released unless people really like this with the mimby. There's always people that will sell something right after they get it from massdrop.
  3. dBel84
    Measurements published by BobS

    "Reference levels :
    +9 dBu 300R 16.00 mW - 110 dBSPL @ 98dB/mW
    0 dBu 300R 2.00 mW - 101 dBSPL @ 98dB/mW
    -10 dBu 300R 0.20 mW - 91 dBSPL @ 98dB/mW
    -20 dBu 300R 0.02 mW - 81 dBSPL @ 98dB/mW

    +9 dBu 30R 160.00 mW - 110 dBSPL @ 89dB/mW
    0 dBu 30R 20.00 mW - 102 dBSPL @ 89dB/mW
    -10 dBu 30R 2.00 mW - 92 dBSPL @ 89dB/mW
    -20 dBu 30R 0.20 mW - 82 dBSPL @ 89dB/mW

    Reference data on two headphones:
    HD 650 impedance 300R, sensitivity 98 dB/mW
    HE-500 impedance 38R, sensitivity 89 dB/mW

    Square wave response is very near that of the Liquid Crimson.
    Bandwidth is extraordinary for an amp at this price: DC to > 1.5 MHz
    Well done Dr. Cavalli!"

    Not the reason it sounds great but it sure doesn't hurt..dB
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  4. smallcaps
    Wow these numbers are actually impressive for a $100 amp. These plus the impressions so far are promising. Of course who knows until we get to listen, but this may give the Magni a run for its money. Just wish Monoprice didn't gouge eyeballs for international shipping. This will most certainly slow down its adoption internationally.

    Any entrepreneuring resellers want to group buy? I can facilitate Asian and Oceanic distribution...
  5. smallcaps

    Shipping to Singapore was fast! Better be for $56...
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  6. rayliam80
    I just put in my order awhile ago. I'll be looking forward to pairing this with my iFi iDSD Nano BL.
  7. smallcaps
    Showed my wife and she said it was tiny. I then asked her about what she thought of the amp and she said "meh".

    20181008_152343.jpg 20181008_152408.jpg 20181008_152514.jpg
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  8. sahmen
    Okay but what about your own impressions, so far, if you have had some time to listen to the unit?
  9. smallcaps
    Quite satisfied with the sound so far, but it's only been about 7h. Been A/B testing it against my friend's Magni 3. Compared to the Magni, it's a bit more spacious and not as forward as the Magni. The spark also has some considerable bass thump and texture. Will share more after burn-in, both in the amp and in my brain.
  10. Nlago
    Anybody have any opinions on how the HD58x's sound with this amp? Recently got interested in headphones and so far have been running the 58x's without an amp, curious as to whether I would see any benefit with the liquid spark.
  11. antdroid
    Just unboxed. Some photos. Nice simple design.

    P1020280.JPG P1020282.JPG
    P1020276.JPG P1020283.JPG
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  12. b0ssMax
    Can someone please post dimensions of the box each unit was shipped in?

    Thank you.
  13. heliosphann
    I swear, Monoprice shipped mine on the back of a box turtle.
  14. antdroid
    The shipping box was really large for how small the actual packaging is. I think I recycled mine already unfortunately.
  15. GenEricOne
    Agreed shipping box was really large compared to product box. Just measured mine.

    Shipping box: 22x10x5 inches
    Product box: 11x7x3 inches
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