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Monoprice Monolith Liquid Spark - By Alex Cavalli

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ufospls2, Apr 4, 2018.
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  1. Rattle
    Can the pre outs on the spark be used to chain another headphone amp like on the lcx?
  2. runeight
    They are not intended for that, but you can certainly try. Keep in mind that the the preamp outs are disconnected when headphones are plugged in.
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  3. Rattle
    Thanks for the info, are they not wired the same as the LCX or MCTH ? I understand it's a less expensive amp so it's unfair to expect features. Just curious as I have 2 amps and enjoy them both. I will try it next time I sit down for a listen.
  4. elira
    Yes, but every time you add a component in the middle of the signal path there’s some degradation of the signal. I would recommend using an RCA splitter instead, but that also can affect the signal. Try and see what works better for you. In most cases the degradation is not noticeable for RCA splitters, and using the amp pre out may add some coloration to the sound (this may be good or bad depending on your preferences).
  5. runeight
    They are not wired same as LCX or CTH. In those amps the input jacks and the loop out jacks are wired directly together.

    In the Spark, the preamp out comes from the headphone output so that it is controlled by the vol pot. So you are adding an entire headphone amp between your source and the other amplifier. It might work and you can try, but it might not give the best results. It's really not an intended use.
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  6. Baten
    @runeight exactly. Would likely have a bad effect on sound but why knows, can always try i guess
  7. lantian
    A fantastic amp, pairs incredibly well with my sennheiser hd 540 RG 600ohm.
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  8. legion1capone
    Just put my order in for an SDAC and liquid spark. Can't wait to compare them to my other gear. This hobby is a rabbit hole that never ends lmao. I hope I don't have an issue with my unit. We will see. Thanks for everyone's reviews and comparisons. This place is awesome!
  9. antdroid
    Not awesome to your wallet. :)
  10. smallcaps
    I have the same setup for my office and I love it. Pushing HD580s and it's a very easy listen.
  11. legion1capone
    LOL considering not a month ago I ordered the Aune XP1 (X2) and X7S this is a fairly cheap purchase. Like so many I'm wanting to find the best deals for the money. I had a magni 2U and at the time of coarse it was the best thing I had heard, until I started upgrading and hearing the differences between DAC's, amps and headphones. I do believe schiit makes good gear which I will purchase but with the headphones I have, I seem to be a bit treble sensitive. Once I heard a more layed back but detailed sound of the ZMF classics on my X7S and being able to understand the descriptions people give of gear; I feel I'm finally able to make semi educated purchases lol. At least I hope I'm right bahaha I'm also curious to see how the SDAC compares to my aune X1S.

  12. cprime
    Another affordable/tempting choice for me to consider...
  13. legion1capone
    Has anyone compared this to the JDS labs EL amp?

    JDS EL Amp
    • Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz+/- 0.1dB
    • THD+N 1kHz, 150 Ω0.0009%
    • IMD CCIF 19/20kHz 150 Ω0.0004%
    • IMD SMPTE 150 Ω0.0005%
    • Noise, A-Weighted-108 dBu
    • Crosstalk @ 150 Ω-67 dB
    • Output Impedance0.1 Ω
    • Channel Balance+/- 0.56 dB
    • Max Continuous Output, 600Ω140 mW (9.4VRMS)
    • Max Continuous Output, 150Ω505 mW
    • Max Continuous Output, 32Ω1.1 W
    • Peak Output Power, 32Ω1.5W
    Monoprice liquid Spark

    Sorry It's a PDF and I can't copy and paste the info for side by side comparison.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2018
  14. legion1capone
    I received my Liquid Spark last night and have given it an initial listen today. I can't wait to hear how this sound evolves as it breaks in. So far so good though. It is an excellent amp for powering my planar magnetics (he400i and ZMF classics). It produces such a natural and slightly wider soundstage than the Aune X7S+XP1 ($250), while also improving imaging quite a bit! There is also a bit of depth to the soundstage. It seems to do a better job of allowing you to hear the environment that the singer is in which I love! The micro details that I am hearing in songs that I have listened to thousands of times are catching me off guard and I'm loving every minute of it. Much more detail than the X7S. I find strings and womans vocals to have such a sweet intoxicating sound, slightly more intimate and forward compared to the X7S. Which is exactly what I prefer. The slam and punch in the lower registers are fantastic! When people are snapping their fingers or the drummer gives a nice rim shot, man it makes me smile! I do notice the X7S is smoother sounding and has a bit more sub bass, but I have a feeling the Spark with smooth out and the bass will round out a bit more once I run a few more hours through her. I honestly can't believe you can get such a musical sounding amp for the price. It powers my Classics with ease! I can easily without question recommend this amp to a beginner or long term audiophile! This is a damn good amp. I hope they decide to make a balanced version of this, though I doubt it. I want to compare it to my magni 2 U and see how it differs myself, but after purchasing a few amps now I am just not a fan of the schiit amps. The highs kill me and just doesn't enthrall me into the music like this does. Analytical be damned lol! I want to be captivated by the emotion in the music. This definitely does that.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2018
  15. Burgerbassist
    @Hansotek any thoughts on the ALO Continental V5 vs the Liquid Spark? I've got a pair of Cascades that can get a bit too wooly when plugged directly into my phone (LG V35), and I thought a dedicated amp might do them some good. I'm a sucker for tubes, but the Liquid Spark almost sounds too good to pass up. The CV5 can be had new for $399 right now, so it's a bit more, but it seems like a good piece of gear, particularly for on-the-go. If the Spark sounds that much better, though, I may just go that way. I'd be going iDSD BL -> amp -> Cascade, and I'd also be using Lyra II's out of whichever I get sometimes, too.

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