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Monolith M300 In Ear Planar Earphones

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  1. AndroidVageta
    Have you tried upping the highs a tad in EQ? I remember reading that the iSine pretty much suck without EQ and/or the Cypher Cable.

    Maybe that's a sort of issue here? Seems...odd...that a planar would have "dark" highs, no? If anything I would expect bass to be missing and mids and highs to be more forward.
  2. Sythrix
    No, the bass is great. I threw on Hydrogen by M|O|O|N and it is very satisfying. Not as satisfying as the 1060s, but I was pretty shocked. There's only so much you can expect from them, but it's good news so far for bass heads. I haven't even tried my bass boost on my F18 yet...

    I haven't done a whole lot with EQ. Wouldn't really know where to begin.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2017
  3. heavyharmonies
    Question: Are there any third-party ear clips that can be purchased for either this or the iSine, or are they proprietary?

    Very interesting. That is the exact opposite of what DMS3 said in his review. He had found the M300 to have better treble than the Audeze iSine, whose treble he said "just disappeared". He said about the M300 "They're still dark, but not treble-lost-into-oblivion dark [like the iSine]; more like LCD-2 dark."

    Maybe they're just dark compared to what you normally listen to and you prefer a strong treble presence?
  4. manukmanohar
    I agree that isine 10 without eq or cipher doesn't sound good. But, wrt planars, in general, I have found it to be more precise and tight, but sounding quite different from dynamic, with less air relatively, not giving some feel for bass. But others like me love it. . Isine 10 with cipher, still was very smooth and likely had a roll off in the higher frequencies based on my impressions.

    As you said , hope some good eq settings come to fix any m300 issues like isine 10.
  5. Sythrix
    I'm not saying they're "treble-lost-into-oblivion dark" either. It's there, but they are certainly darker than any of the headphones I listed and as you can see, I have a lot of Beyers... the Zen 2 have much less bass, so you might be on to something about me having a strong treble lineup. Still, there's no denying for me that the treble is the least forward aspect of these, enough that I would describe them as I did.

    I wouldn't say that me and DMS3 described it all that different...he's obviously had a lot more experience though.
  6. SilverEars
    If you have a strong treble line-up of headphones, you should give it some extended listening time for your ears to adjust to the sig. But yeah, headphone's sig is sig unless you EQ, and that is if EQ(preferably PEQ) is quality.
  7. Sythrix
    I've tried messing around a bit with the EQ on my comp. I'm using the Asus STX II as a DAC on here, so I was just using the one in their tool. I'm not thrilled about any of the changes I made, so I'm just listening to them as-is (Hi-Fi mode), to get used to them like you said.

    Might take them along to work to listen at break and lunch more on my E18, but I'm pretty sure I'm keeping them.

    This cable though... going to have to see about replacing that.
  8. mandrake50
    I know this is not an Aeon thread. I also well know that everyone hears differently. I also believe that most, if not all, upper mid-fi and up headphones are over priced. That all having been said, anyone at all interested should make an effort to audition the Aeon.

    I was an early adopter. The Aeon has been getting most of the head time over the last month or so. I use them in preference to headphones like the M1060 and even my HEK V1. But then there are situations where I require the isolation of the Aeon. So that is a factor as well.

    I consider them to be an excellent choice, especially at the price point.
    Jearly410 likes this.
  9. showme99
    The Fiio E18 has always sounded warm to me. That may be contributing to the lack of treble presence that you're experiencing.
  10. AndroidVageta
    So to those that own them...are they worth it? Are they a substantial value at $150? Own a pair of ShockWave 3's now that I think sound pretty amazing and really looking for that next ~$150 King. These seem interesting enough and the technology is somewhat proven.

    Do I pull the trigger?
  11. snip3r77
    You can consider the Sine at $299 also.
  12. AndroidVageta
    Why? They're twice the price...
  13. skyline385
    They are dark but the Treble isn't missing by any means. The lows are slightly elevated compared to my HD600 with a seemingly noticeable drop towards the upper mids (which makes some types of music sound unrealistic) followed by neutral highs which results in a overall dark signature. In terms of tonality, the mids felt like a major downside to me. Sadly, because of the loose connector on my pair, i am gonna return them ASAP instead of giving them some more time.

    To add to it, the above impressions were with the default Silicon tips provided. I tried my Spirals on them as well and they improve the mids a bit but also made it slightly more sibilant. But again, i am very sensitive to treble so some people might actually like the Spirals on them.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2017
  14. bhazard
    I'm interested in these, but the train commuters of NY will hate me. I absolutely love the M1060, so I have high hopes in these.
  15. kukkurovaca
    If they're similar to the iSines, they may not be much fun to listen to in a noisy environment like a train at safe volume levels
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