Molds for Custom IEM’s
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May 17, 2013
In looking to get ear molds done for the first time, I contacted a recommended Audiologist doctor.

In addition to making AMAZING ear molds, he taught me quite a bit about the importance of getting it done RIGHT. He said that there are chances that audiologists produce poor molds which lead to a poorly fitting IEM. Check out his site. He’s in NYC.

I had much anxiety about finding a person that could do it right in the NYC area. No one responded to my posts on sites, so HOPE THIS INFO HELPS FOLKS.

Dr. Servedio, 200 West 57th, NY, NY
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Good luck with fit. Which ciem did you go for in the end?


I’m based in US. One day I was like, let me call Kumitate Labs and talk them. I’ve heard crazy good things about them. The famous owner Ito-San picked up :) We ended up talking, emailing - talking more, emailing more. I ended up going for the Lakh. It will look something like this...


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Hey I'm interested! How much did you paid?
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