Modified Sony MDR-7506 (pics)
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Jan 1, 2011
I had so many moding materials left over from moding my t50rp and i thought why not try it on my MDR-7506 i did essentially the same mod.

One jumbo cotton ball in each cup and inside the back of the cup silent foam.

Modeling clay in each hole i reckon this is non reversible on the other side there is black sheet of paper that goes around the driver a cover for the holes.

And for the sound i'll keep this simple and short i have two of these headphones so i went back and back and forth bettween the modded and unmodded first thing i noticed was the lowend it was a bit more controlled on the modded it also had better instrument separation if you like vocals they sound very forward with this mod.If you like your bass heavy you probably shouldn't try this mod but if you want a more controlled sound thats not fatiguing go for it!

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