Mixer vs Amplifier difference..

  1. kingsterxz
    Hey guys, just bought the amazon dot 2 during a sale on amazon but i've encountered some volume problems when i have multiple inputs into my dayton audio APA150 amplifier.

    My amp is able to have up to 2 inputs. The first is my computer and the second is the amazon dot. Whenever i connect the dot to my amp, the volume from my computer is lowered to about half. The same thing happens if the second input is my phone or any other audio input device.

    I read online that a mixer might be the thing i need but i'm not sure which mixer to get. Any recommendations or more explanations on how i could fix the problem would be great. I'm a complete audio novice so i'm quite lost.

    Any help is much appreciated, thanks :)
  2. MindsMirror
    The users manual and any photos I could find only show one input.
  3. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    What second input?

    Chances are it's because one of them is not an input and sending a signal the wrong way affects how it works.

    Mixers usually have some kind of headphone amp but can take multiple inputs and have them coming through into several outputs simultaneously. An amp would be designed to drive either speakers or headphones (or both, but the quality of the latter circuit might sometimes not be all that good).

    You don't need a full blown mixer, just a passive switcher. Get the Schiit Sys, hook up sources to the two inputs, output to the APA150, and just permanently set it to max volume. It's passive so max isn't boosting, just not attenuating.

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