1. Soundaware A1X national multifunctional streaming music player Roon DLNA Airplay SD card DSD256 PCM384

    Soundaware A1X national multifunctional streaming music player Roon DLNA Airplay SD card DSD256 PCM384

    PRODUCT DETAILS Item specifics Brand Name:SOUNDAWARE APP Control:ios APP Control:Android Built-in HDD:No Bluetooth:Yes Inputs:USB Type-A Inputs:SD Cards Inputs:Optical (SPDIF) Material:Metal FM/AM Tuner:No Remote Control:Yes Network:Wired LAN Outputs:RCA Outputs:3.5 mm Outputs:6.5 mm Input...
  2. Z

    Looking for a smooth BASSY arse amp and dac

    Hey as the title says I am looking for a headamp that can function as a preamp to studio monitors. In a best case scenario it would have an output toggle switch or at least logic . What I need is a super powerful bass response with some great macro dynamics and speed. All while being liquid...
  3. Audio Analogue PureLine AAdac

    Audio Analogue PureLine AAdac

    AAdac The new AAdac is the latest product of PureAA line. Just like the AAcento and AAphono, it is a product that perfectly fits in the Audio Analogue philosophy: its simple design, its remarkable sound performances and its great care for the finish and for the materials and parts selection...
  4. iFi audio ZEN CAN

    iFi audio ZEN CAN

    The ZEN CAN has trickle-down Class A discrete balanced circuitry from iFi audio’s US$1,699 flagship Pro iCAN. With 15.1V at 300Ω on tap, it has serious power that will make even difficult-to-drive headphones thump to the beat. Class A discrete output buffer from the flagship Pro iCAN using...
  5. Topping A90

    Topping A90

    The A90 is an ultra-high-performance headphone amp that can also work as a pre-amp. It comes with three gain settings and has great performance numbers including <0.00006% THD+N, 145dB DNR, <0.2uVrms Noise, < 0.1-ohm output impedance, and 7200mW x 2 max output power. The A90 comes equipped...
  6. dazKewl

    [SOLD] WTS - Massdrop x THX AAA 789

    SOLD Very close to new. Minimal sign of use. Includes the box, power cable, etc as shown in the photos. Asking $275 shipped to anywhere in the lower 48 states. Only form of payment accepted is PayPal G&S. Have a lot of confirmed trades on various forums on the internet but most importantly have...
  7. Tuba - Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier

    Tuba - Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier

    Tuba - Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier The TUBA is a world-class vacuum tube headphone amplifier designed to operate with either low impedance (Grado) or high impedance (Sennheiser) headphones. The power stage is a single-ended, zero-feedback, parafeed EL84 triode into an impedance matching...
  8. Erfan Elahi

    seeking suggestion for a Volatge Transformer / converter for AMPs / DACs

    hello, i just bought a Monolith Liquid Platinum amp from a USA user. In the future I plan to go for highend amp and dac upgrades (e.g McIntosh MHA 100). So I want to buy a voltage transformer as I may often buy amps and dacs from USA or Japan as to use on my EU voltage. Question - hoe much...
  9. bancanus

    [SOLD]: Oriolus BA300S *** MINT ***

    Hello, I'm selling a mint condition Oriolus BA300S. Ship from Singapore.
  10. bancanus

    [sold] FS: ALO Continental Dual Mono (CDM) *** MINT ***

    Mint condition Plus few sets of tubes and PCB Ship from Singapore USD 1100 + shipping + Paypal fees
  11. lexipenia

    HeadAmp Pico Slim portable headphone amplifier

    Selling a Pico Slim portable amplifier, suitable for high-sensitivity IEMs. 4 years old, good as new, selling because I'm not using it enough. (Last 3 years it has just sat in a drawer.) Packaging, cable, leather case, etc., all included. Can ship within Europe with tracking. More information...
  12. KeithPhantom

    What would you prefer: transparent gear or non-transparent but tailored to your liking?

    I always had that question in mind. I rather having some colorations that make the sound better to me, since I am going to enjoy it after all. What do you think?
  13. D

    WTS: Schiit Vidar

    Like New Schiit Vidar, comes with powercord, and original box, Buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees.
  14. ksorota

    Sold - Gilmore Lite MK2 - Upgraded Elna Silmic II Caps

    Up for SOLD is my Gilmore Lite MK2 which has had the stock caps replaced with upgraded Elna Silmic II 25v 270uF versions...retaining stock capacitance and voltage as the original. Click here for Information regarding cap replacement and sonic improvements This upgrade has been performed by a...
  15. 04gto

    Removed from sale

    Hello everyone. I am offering a less than one year old RME ADI-2 DAC FS version one for sale. With only very minor visible blemishes on the bottom (see photos). Comes from smoke free, pet free, bug free and Covid19 free home. Very well cared for. Includes items seen in pictures and the original...
  16. roskodan

    [SOLD] Original Burson Soloist Class A 4W per channel

    SOLD 470 EUR shipped For sale, original Burson Soloist TOTL Class A 4W per channel version. Original boxing, flawless operation, great cosmetic shape as well. Accepting PayPal and IBAN transfers. Great TOTL sounding amp, easily an endgame. Ethereal, bloomy, tube like bass and treble, never...
  17. roskodan

    [SOLD] [EU] Schiit Asgard 2 (230V)

    SOLD For sale, Schiit Asgard 2 amp (230V). Flawless operation, great cosmetic shape as well, except a few skid marks on the bottom plate. Price includes EU shipping. Accepting PayPal and IBAN transfers. Great warm yet exciting sounding amp, planty of power, immediately holographic soundstage...
  18. 4nradio

    **SOLD** Massdrop Cavalli CTH Amplifier with Extra Tubes and 28V Acopian Linear Power Supply

    This is a very nice Massdrop Cavalli CTH Amplifier with all original items and carton, plus extra Genalex Gold Lion and Mullard (NOS) tubes, and an Acopian linear power supply that provides a nice "black" background beyond the pedestrian, stock switching power supply's performance. The Gold...
  19. Feliks Euforia Tube Amplifier (6SN7 + 6N13S)

    Feliks Euforia Tube Amplifier (6SN7 + 6N13S)

    Technical specification - Model 2019 Input Impedance: 100 kOhm Frequency response: 8 Hz - 75 Khz +/- 3 dB (300 ohm) Power output: 250mW THD: 0.4 % (300 ohm, 20 mW) Supported headphones impedance: 32 - 600 ohm including planar magnetics Premium PsVane CV-181 Mk2 “Gold” /or "Silver" PsVane 6SN7...
  20. homeros8000

    SOLD: GS-X MK2

    Amp in good condition (minor scuffs on surfaces of amp and power supply unit). I'm the third owner. Serial #93. It doesn't come in the original box. Price includes shipping and Paypal fees.
  21. FiiO Q5s -Flagship Bluetooth DAC & AMP, Dual AK4493 DAC chips, Amplifier Module AM3E with 2.5/3.5/4.4mm Output, USB/Bluetooth/SPDIF/Line Input

    FiiO Q5s -Flagship Bluetooth DAC & AMP, Dual AK4493 DAC chips, Amplifier Module AM3E with 2.5/3.5/4.4mm Output, USB/Bluetooth/SPDIF/Line Input

    The Q5s Bluetooth DSD-Capable DAC and Headphone Amplifier from FiiO continues to use the interchangeable amp module design of its predecessor, the Q5, and is fully compatible with FiiO amp modules for enhanced sound and outputs. The Q5s offers high-fidelity audio on the go and packs a multitude...
  22. ricthaman

    Ifi iCan headphone amplifier

    Hi all, I'm selling my Ifi iCan headphone amplifier. A well-known amplifier and brand around here, so I'll refrain from a 'marketing' story. The iCan will come with original box and accessories, including a very nice iPower by Ifi for ultra clean power (also with box and accessories). Has to...
  23. QwertyQmin

    [SOLD] [US-TX] STAX SRM-1mk2 Balanced Edition (super rare)

    Hi! I got this many months ago from Birgir at Mjolnir Audio. He went through and did a full repair of the amp and also did some mods to the board. To quote him; "I did modernize the bias supply and some small tweaks here and there but nothing major." The XLR inputs on the back and everything...
  24. Dobrescu George

    EarMen TR-Amp - Donald DAC - USB DAC - Preamp - Headphone Amp – Battery powered, ES9038Q2M, 400mW, 3700mA Battery, MQA rendering, SNR +128dB SNR A-Weighted (Discussion Thread Earmen)

    Hello everyone. I'm bad at making threads. But could not find any for TR-AMP. PLS erase this if it already existed. I am just copying the information about TR-AMP in this first post USB DAC - Preamp - Headphone Amp – Battery powered All audio formats PCM 32bit/384kHz, MQA and native...
  25. big45-70

    Fiio A3

    Thinning the heard and selling my Fiio A3. Like all my audio gear it has been babied since purchase. Located in Canada but will ship to NA. 40.00$ USD shipped.