Anode Acoustics - Tube Headphones Amplifier #5 EL34\12AX7

General Information

A powerful tube headphone amplifier capable of driving the most demanding headphones on the market. This OTC (Transformer coupled) amplifier was designed with power hungry planars in mind and has output settings of 16, 32, 60 ,150 ohm which allows it to always deliver its full 6W power potential.


Technical Data​

  • Frequency response: 15hz-25kHZ
  • Inputs: RCA, XLR-3
  • Input impedance: 50k ohm
  • Outputs: 6.3mm, XLR-4
  • Output impedance settings: 16, 32, 60, 300 ohm
  • Power Output: 5.5-6.5w
  • Inputs stage tubes: ECC83 or 12AX7
  • Output Stage tubes: EL34
  • Weight: 16Kg
    Dimensions(WxLxH): 40x25x20cm \ 15.75×9.85×7.9″
  • Power Input: can be customized to your local electric grid
  • Power Consumption: 100w
Price: 3000$ US

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Latest reviews


100+ Head-Fier
a Tube Powerhouse
Pros: Can drive even the most demanding HPs
Sounds great
Highly dynamic
Great bass
Lush textured vocals
Cons: No dial indicators on the front panel
Equipment used: Final Audio D8000 Pro, Audeze LCD-24, Kennerton Rognir, Kennerton Rognir, Burson conductor 3XP (as DAC), PC (as source).
Music: Many genres of Metal, Electrocore, punk.
Product's page:
Cost: 3000$ US

Note: the device will be referred to as HPA#5 in the review.

Anode Acoustics is an Indian company that makes amps for speakers and headphones, both SS and tube. Devices are made to order. Once you order an amp you will join the Anode Acoustics family and from that moment onwards the owner Nitin will keep in touch with you until you have received the amp, set it up, and reported your satisfaction. Nitin taught me so much about amplifiers and audio I would have paid the cost of the amp just of the lessons.

This is the third amplifier I've ordered from Anode Acoustics, it was designed for me as a custom amplifier but it is now a standard product anyone can order. There is another unlisted version of this amp meant to drive the Mod House Tungsten.

International Shipping
The amplifier was sent to Israel via Fedex which took about 4 days to arrive. No issues.

Build Quality
Very Solid, everything fits very well together. It doesn't get very hot (expect the tubes themselves) even after hours of use, you can place your hand on the transformers' box and it will be a bit warm, nothing more.

Sound Character
The sound signature is warm and a bit dark. The sound is dynamic, bold and powerful. Vocals are very detailed and somewhat sweetened and the bass is rich. This device is a real thriller taking you on wild ride. I recommend this amp to people looking for a bold and intense sound.

VS Anode Acoustics Headphones Amp #1 (HPA#1)
Link to product:

HPA#1 is very natural and transparent, it sounds softer and more airy and delicate. The HPA#5 is akin to a warrior while the HPA#1 is akin to a dancer. HPA#1 can play aggressive genres like Metal very satisfyingly, but it doesn't have the same dynamic prowess and emboldened character. This is not to say HPA#5 has a better sound, it's just different , a person might prefer any of the two as a personal preference, or own both like I do and change between them from time to time.

HPA#1 has more Treble presence (in a good sense) than the darker HPA#5. Both are top quality and the HPA#5 should not be considered the better version or the higher tier due to its much higher price. HPA#1 is a lot weaker at 1W per channel, while the HPA#5 was designed to be able to drive Susvara and Abyss 1266.

With Kennerton Rognir
a match made in heaven, these two are meant for each other. the HPA#5 takes the bass even further and gives the vocals which are the weak point of the Rognir more texture and character.

With Kennerton Heartland
I like this paring especially with Silent Skies It takes the vocals onto a whole other level, this pairing is very addictive especially for vocal oriented music. The bass might be a bit too impactful for some as the Heartland is already super Bassy, and so it's interesting to sometimes use the Heartland with HPA#1 to mellow it down and enhance the treble and sometime to I go warm on warm and use it with the HPA#5. This pairing is also nice with Doom Metal.

With Audeze LCD-24
I prefer the LCD-24 paired with the HPA#1 by Anode Acoustics, I think it gives a nice touch to the treble, but it's great with the HPA#5 as well.

With Final Audio D8000 Pro
Wonderful match, this amp takes the D8000 Pro over the line between analytical and Musical making is more lively, lush and enjoyable.

This is a great device at every aspect, it doesn't leave much to be desired.
The pricing is more than fair for such a powerful amp, comparing with the high prices coming even from Chinese brands.
This amplifier can be your end-game device as it will be able to drive anything on the market.
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