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Mitchell & Johnson - Electrostatz, 2 way hybrid, Headphones Appreciation and Impressions Thread!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by barondla, Dec 5, 2016.
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  1. RockStar2005
    Yeah great review feline!

    Hopefully Massdrop brings back that SICK $99 deal again so more people can enjoy the MJ2 for an unreal price!!
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  2. jwbrent
    Thank you for your thoughts. I don’t think the benefits of burn in show up on measurement graphs, they are not fine enough. We are touching on a controversial subject with many believing that one’s ears adjust to a sound rather than the headphone/electronics changing, but as someone who worked in the high end audio biz for 26 years, I’m a firm believer that higher quality electronics and transducers definitely change in character with extended play time. This analysis comes from working with hundreds of new demos in the showroom and around 50-60 components and speakers purchased for my home.

    With transducers such as headphones, the suspension on dynamic drivers loosen up, and the electret driver used on the MJ2 is a pliable membrane that will also stretch a bit with play time until it settles. Additionally, if there is a crossover in the MJ2 due to the dual drivers, capacitors go through a forming process with initial signal flow which results in less smearing of transients. This is what was told to me by many of the high end manufacturers I dealt with.
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  3. Philimon
    Im sorry. I meant that those measurements were done post burn-in and the JP1’s electret combo was still a letdown. Im not arguing against burn-in.

    If you read the measurement link youll see that a crossover is not exactly used. Full-range dynamic, and electret with a high pass around 500Hz and that electret plays significantly quieter even in the upper frequencies.
  4. Terminator1987

    Hi, I wanted to share and recommend replacement earpads that I have been using with my GL2 from Massdrop. They are Brainwavz Oval Hybrid Angled Earpads and they fit perfectly tight. The difference is huge (stock pads shown inside in the first photo).

    1. I did notice clear burn in for the first hour or two, later on I wasn't sure whether they sounded better and better or whether I like them more.
    2. After that the sound was clearer, less distorted, but too bassy especially in the mid and high bass blending with low mids, while higher spectrum was very scooped. Additionally the pads were not really comfortable. I decided to give it a try. I wanted to retain a fairly good seal while reducing sweatiness and to increase the highs. I must say these pads managed that just about right.
    3. The distance from the driver grew larger which gave the sound and soundstage more space. Inherent good channel separation makes it really an immersive experience with the soundstage so deep.
    4. The angle on the earpads forces the drivers to be more aligned with the auricle and resulted in louder enough higher frequencies, both mids and trebles. They are not bright by any means, but you don't feel like there is something seriously lacking anymore (probably you might if you are a treble lover, but not a regular listener).
    5. The bass having more space and lesser but still decent seal seems far more controlled, still dominating, but not overwhelmingly.
    6. The overall final signature is dark with a lot of bass, but not overwhelming in any department, clear mids and highs, and a great soundstage, amazing for a closed-back. The musicality is just perfect, you start to headbang involuntarily to songs you wouldn't think before.
    7. They are incredibly forgiving to the source material. This signature reduces any high pitched white noises from poor recordings, and highly compressed modern albums like Metallica's Death Magnetic (which isn't my favourite otherwise) sound incredible (I guess I solved which headphones Rick Rubin used) ! They are easily driven off from a common midrange smartphone, no amp or sth, and little difference pluging them to a decent DAC.

    These are now my go to headphones now (compared to Sennehiser's HD58x bought simultaneously and some old Pioneer's). The pads made comfortable. I endorse the combo once more.
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2018
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  5. jwbrent
    My apologies for jumping to a conclusion: there are so many posts that suggest burn-in is an imaginary phenomenon, that I feel the need sometimes to add my two cents.
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  6. eugene2
    I’ll add my 1.5 cents worth on th MJ2 Right out of the box I heard ringing in the upper ranges especially cymbals and upper range of piano, so I took them off and played music while they sat on the shelf for about 40-50 hrs.
    Listening again to the same tracks the ringing seem to vanish and I got a better handle on their sound signature.
    The soundstage is deep and has good not great lateral distance, but sufficient for my taste. Soundstage height is diminished compared to the best phones. It definitely gives an intimate portrayal of the sound space. A good test cd for lateral acuity, Macy Gray’s “Annabelle”. The opening guitar riff (should be way off to the left) will help you understand a phones ability to define soundstage width.
    I ran them through both my iPad alone and my AK320 - Hugo2 and I disagree I think they scale nicely leaving the iPad in the dust (though they still sound excellent through the iPad). Listen to the leading edge and attack of a piano. These headphones have a very quick response. Bass heads may want more due to the rather flat frequency curve of the bass driver. Though well defined in the bass region it lacks some slam. Mid to upper frequencies are very good, especially compared to the best, you get a lot of info off your disc. I recently spent time with some Audeze LCD 3 headphones and iSine 20’s, the MJ2 come off as spotlight compared to the darker LCD3. Now let’s get it straight the LCD is a better all round player, but in many areas especially from upper middle on up the MJ2 is competitive. Sounds crazy comparing a 99.00 Massdrop headphone to a 1995.00 endgame phone... Well letting them continue to burn in... Anyway if they come up again spend the 99.00 don’t listen to the people with negative commentary judge them for yourself.
    After some hours going to grab my buddies Audeze, my Elears and some of my iems and see if these things are as good as my first impressions say they are.
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  7. RockStar2005
    Even though I no longer believe that burn-in makes a difference, this is a very compelling post. lol

    So at the same volume the ringing disappeared after 40-50 hours of burn-in??

    I thought mine sounded amazing, but to me I couldn't hear a difference. The MJ2 was the last headphone I did burn-in on. But yeah, they sounded amazing from the moment I put them on and through-out my 2 weeks with them. I burned them in maybe 1-2 days before auditioning them.
  8. eugene2
    Maybe you didn’t hear because you burned them in. It was initially irritating to me...
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  9. RockStar2005
    I dunno. I did listen to it a bit before burning them in, and they sounded the same later. But maybe if I heard your song I would've noticed it? Who knows?! lol
  10. Stenso
    I have just received mine and I am now playing them to gain an initial reference point. I am listening to Pete Townsend’s album (Who came first HDTracks), through JRiver MC24, usb out to Chord Hugo and I am currently pleased with what I am hearing, and I hope that after a period of burn in they will sound even better.
  11. RockStar2005
    Nice! Let us know.

    Awesome avatar btw! :L3000:
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  12. jwbrent
    Yes, they will definitely sound better! I have about 100 hours on mine now and there’s been continual improvements as I’ve listened, especially in the upper frequencies.

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  13. Philimon
    So much static.

    My box came with mould too. Yay!

    Im listening to decide whether I want to keep or not. Unlike the cyberdrive electrostatz it did not sound immediately wrong and quickly fatiguing. Ive had the headphones on for about half an hour now and they are very pleasant for a closed headphone. Forward vocals, mid-centric, laid back treble, bass is tight and rolled off. The laid back treble being a bummer because youd like to hear the electret driver. Maybe these sound good because I was listening to small bass ported (bleh) full-range driver speakers yesterday that were too trebley. Depending on the track these can sound good or bad which may be okay because itd be another flavor in my collection, or like an equalizer. My listening so far has been for tonality, Ill listen for resolution next but doesnt seem special in this way from what Im hearing now. Oh yeah, isolation is great. Ive found it hard to find a good isolating headphone that also wasnt bassy and painful to my delicate eardrums, and so these may be keepers. The wood cups are pretty. They fold up nicely into a little zipper case it came with which gives big portability points. Comfort is okay if you dont mind much ear touching baffle because they are shallow. Pleather pads getting a bit sweaty, everything should come with hybrids at minimum.
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  14. jwbrent
    Sorry about your moldy box. Contact Massdrop and they will give you the option to refund the MJ2, or give a $20 credit to your form of payment.

    I took the $20, but since the box in question is designed to be a case, I tried cleaning it with soap and water and was able to lighten the spotty mold, but I wish I knew of a way to completely clean it off because it bugs me. All my other headphones have box cases (except the AKG Annies, which was really cheap of AKG to not do for a special edition product), so I want to use it for storage to go along with my other seven headphones. I’m thinking of buying some foam lining and just gluing it to the bottom and sides to hide the mold.
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  15. Stenso
    I have also noted mould stains on my packaging, as well as potential fading to the outer covering. The last time I saw this was on LP sleeves that I brought back from my time in the tropics.
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