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mini to RCA cable suggestion

  1. cap10 crunch
    Hey guys.  I'm looking for a mini to RCA to go from my ODAC to heed canamp.  I've searched and it seems blue jean cables are a good bet but monoprice is wayyyy cheaper for the same quality?  I'd like to spend around $50-$60 but could go up to $100.  Thanks guys!
    Blue jeans cables
  3. cel4145
    I think Blue Jeans Cable products are better build quality than Monoprice, although you might not hear an audible difference. 
  4. blazingazn
    Monoprice and buy 3 for back up...
    Blue Jeans is a great company though if you're looking for something custom.  May not sound better but connections may be more solid and they probably terminate it better inside the plugs.

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