"Millett Hybrid" redux: NuHybrid headphone amp, using the Korg Nutube

  1. silverfishla
    Stupid question. Are the opamps in this unit singles or duals?
  2. trevmex
    Got a part number for your heatsink?
  3. trevmex
    Can you send a link to the linear supply you bought?
  4. trevmex
  5. hav2uo4
    577002B00000G. Any std package with 0.25" fin height or less should work. Might be able to pull off up to ~0.40" if mounted backward (pointed away from the 1/4 jack). I have a few in that range in my cart for whenever I pull the trigger on another digikey order. Even with the small heatsink I measure up to ~140F. Probably OK, but I'd prefer to have it run cooler.
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  6. trevmex
    Well, I accidentally left my NuHybrid on all day while I was at work and came home to listen to some music tonight. It sounds amazing having been on all day. I imagine that isn't the best idea, but the difference is noticeable!
  7. silverfishla
  8. hav2uo4
    Interesting module. Datasheet mentions unity gain stability issues and output current isn't as high as the OPA551, so wonder if you'd run into issues with harder to drive HPs and higher volumes. I haven't tried rolling myself as the OPA551s seem to be great performers, but keep us up to date if you try it.
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  9. hav2uo4
    Ha, I've done the same. Did sound good, but it may be because I'm coming back to a warm amp after a rough day at work. haha.
  10. Evgeni

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