Meze EMPYREAN - the First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphones

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  1. MezeTeam
    empyrean for head-hi thread.jpg

    Watch Jude from Head-Fi previewing our soon to be revealed Empyrean.

    See you at CanJam NYC 2018 for an audition of our pre-production unit!
    You can find us in Uris Room — a dedicated enclosure that we're sharing with Cayin — directly next to the main Broadway exhibit area.
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  2. glassmonkey
    That image looks like a Star Trek homage. I'm still looking forward to seeing in person. Bristol?

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  3. MTMECraig
    Say Whatttttttt??

    Dang Meze!
    I bet it sounds heavenly
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  4. Dobrescu George
    Really nice that it has been officially announced!

    Can't wait to hear it! :darthsmile:
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  5. YtseJamer
    Wow! Please tell me that the cost will be below $1000 ? :wink:
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  6. Wyd4
  7. Alexdre119
    I'd really like to know what the Starship Enterprise sounds like. Looks rather bright and spacious.
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  8. ngoshawk
    Congrats @MezeTeam! Keep the excellent products coming!
  9. YtseJamer
    @MezeTeam, What does Isodynamic Hybrid Array mean? :wink:
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  10. NaiveSound
    It's an romanian product ...
  11. ATau
    This looks interesting! Subbed
  12. Venture Guy
    The prefix iso- derives from the Greek word isos, which means equal.
  13. Dobrescu George
    That is the best part, Romanian products are on par with other European-made products :darthsmile:
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  14. Venture Guy
    Now, now let us not be xenophobic.
  15. NaiveSound
    Niciodata.... Din pacate
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