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Meze 99 Classics Discussion + Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Jan 13, 2016.
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  1. Malmbak
    Hi. I’m considering these. But is there a closed back moneywise between this and the AFC?

  2. Darren Cotter
    I've just tried the above EQ (125 Hz and 60 Hz) on a 99 Classics with a Questyle QP1R and it made the world of difference. I've seen other EQ's, but they altered all the frequencies and I couldn't be bothered, but the above is so simple and very effective. Thanks for sharing.
  3. PopZeus
    No problem! Similar to you, I've found that EQ works best when the adjustments are minimal. If I have to mess around with every band, it means that the headphones probably aren't for me.
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  4. Darren Cotter
    There's a review of the Classics on some site, where every band was altered and the 20 kHz was turned up to maximum. Yours sounds better!
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  5. iFi audio
    Works like magic, agreed.
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  6. PopZeus
    I feel like your best options in that price range happen to all be Massdrop (or now DROP) variants. Obviously the Meze 99 Noir, the upcoming Beyerdynamic DT177X GO (which hasn't been released yet, but supposedly hits close to reference neutrality), or the semi-closed Fostex TR-X00 for a big V-shaped sound. The AFC is a bit V-shaped too (from what I've read), but probably not as much as the Fostex.

    In the more mainstream brands, there's always the Beoplay H6, but you can't run them balanced like you can with these other headphones.
  7. bcaulf17
    I don’t feel too great about it but I’m selling my Noir so I can get the 177X as this headphone seems very promising and the pre-order price is tempting. I will miss my short time with them, but I just can’t justify keeping both :/ a small part of me is hoping I’ll dislike the 177X so I can get the Noir again lol. At the same time I have a feeling the 177X could be one of the best price/performance closed headphones so I really want to hear it. Why did Massdrop have to release the 177X the same day I ordered my Noir?
    Last edited: May 8, 2019
  8. menuki
    Pardon if you wrote before why you "don't like" the noir, but why is that? I feel you regarding the keeping both part - these days I just say heck, if I can afford it I'll just keep at least 2-3 headphones I can cycle, we do actually only live once. :D

    I really think the 177x would not sound "better" but just different. Probably a bit more v-shaped than the Meze's and more treble if you judge by reviews of the normal 1770.

    Also, I did actually own the Meze's 99 Classics. Sold them for ATH headphones, then I saw the Noir's and realized how much I miss the sound of the Meze's. Purchased them, have them on my head now after 2 weeks of waiting and I won't give them away any time soon, if ever. The wood, built quality, intimite but not closed in signature combined with the comfort, form factor, included case and more makes them, to me, basically close to perfect. I cannot find any fault, really..
  9. bcaulf17
    I mentioned that I don’t dislike the Noir. For one, the Noir feels more like a sidegrade to what I already have (B&O H6). Similar smooth signature, less warm but more balanced, more clear. I start to realize the Meze lacks a bit in clarity and that bass has gotten better over time but still seems to be too much sometimes especially for more technical music like jazz.

    The 177X doesn’t measure as v-shaped as other Beyers, and early reviews indicate that it is excellent. They fixed the tuning slightly to remove and smoothen the dips and peaks of the 1770, and lowered the price. Still seems like it might be a bit bright, but not overbearingly. What if it’s good and I regret buying it at its preordered price? I feel like that will be on the back of my mind...
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  10. menuki
    I see, thanks for your response. :)

    Not sure if you have already, but they kind of sound even better now with the small hole, foam inside earpads which are also more comfortable. Bass gets tighter, less bloomy, and interestingly mids and treble come out more, as seen in the frequency graphs of the noir's.

    Totally understand that you want to sell them then, right now I see them as something really special though because everything can be replaced so easily, everything is built so well that it will last for ages. Can you not just sell the H6? :D

    Cheers mate. Looking forward to your impressions of the 177x if you get them!
    Last edited: May 8, 2019
  11. bcaulf17
    Yeah, I have been using the small hole pads and they do sound better, for the reason you describe; the increased treble brings more balance. I actually find the issue lies below the mid bass, like lower and lower-mid bass is too much. I also haven’t tried the balanced cable. I have a soft spot for the H6, I don’t think I’ll ever rid of those and their smaller form is nicer for walking around outside. They are also older so their condition isn’t as good and I feel like they’re not as in high demand so they would be a harder sell. Plus, the H6 is harder to find now that it’s discontinued if I ever wanted it again. The Meze I can get from Drop any time.

    Maybe I’ll change my mind about selling last minute...
    Last edited: May 8, 2019
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  12. menuki
    Well, those are all legit arguments for selling the Noire's. If you get good chunk of what you paid for them back, it would make sense, I probably wouldn't bother owning two rather "similar" (in terms of overall performance) headphones as well. Still, the Meze's, and this might be pure placebo or my imagination, have this kind of wooden sound which I never heard in plastic or metal headphones. Something which I only heard with the Denon D7200 so far. Can't really describe what the wood does, but it feels like it just kind of "soaks up" the sound, especially the bass, thus it doesn't bounce arround too much. Again. This might just be my imagination, but wood is generally known to be sound-dampening in headphones, right? :D

    It's really strange to me that the Meze's are very comfortable, but the H6 weren't, even though I have small ears (asian genes).. maybe the ones I tried were really worn in or something, thus the pads were too shallow. But since you mentioned that the Meze's are a sidegrade anyway, I won't bother trying them again.
  13. bcaulf17
    Generally common for wood to make those types of sound changes; that’s one thing I love about this headphone; it has a nice acoustic sound to it. The H6 comfort isn’t for everyone, I wouldn’t find it strange. The cups are smaller than the Meze. I don’t have a problem with them but they don’t go around my ear entirely. My earlobes don’t fit in completely. Anyway, I can justify keeping the Meze and H6; I can limit the Meze to the office and home and H6 for outside, but not the Meze and 177X. I know I’m weird like that lol.
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  14. menuki
    Yeah. Acoustic sound is the description I was looking for! :) I feel you a lot though; I'm also really weird when it comes keeping/selling headphones. I was super euphoric about getting some really decent In-Ears, got them, handmade to order, thought I'd never wear over ears again. I was happy for while, realized that over-ears kind of have thicker bass and a wider sound image (usually), so I just sold them again and got over ears. Somehow I just also couldn't justify keeping in-ears and over-ears at the same time, even though they both have their use cases. :D Oh well... as long as we enjoy ourselves.
  15. trevinthefionaapplefan
    I think having an in-ear and an over-ear is more convenient than having 2 over-ears. But yes, enjoyment is most important with headphones.
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