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Meze 99 Classics Discussion + Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Jan 13, 2016.
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  1. Mightygrey
    I'm putting my money on open-back + planar. They look like very large ear-cups, potentially to house the the large surface-area of a planar driver. Also looks like a rod adjustment as opposed to system on the 99's.
  2. superuser1
    I was thinking the same thing. The iems also look interesting. Wonder what the driver config is.
  3. Dobrescu George
    Yes! Meze is going to bring so much fun to us!

    Woah, I hope that you'll be able to sort the issue...
  4. DShim
    Fingers cross their new IEM has the same signature as the 99 classics..
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  5. superuser1
    From your lips to the Devil's ears!! :p:)
  6. jinxy245
    I'm sure all the new releases will have a familial similarity...Meze seems to be working toward a "house sound".

    @D_R_G So it is looking like an open back...I'm wondering if it's a TOTL or similar...very interesting indeed

    @Dobrescu George It's always good trouble with Meze...no worries there
  7. big45-70
    I received my 99 classic, silver walnut edition and I was very surprised at how good they sound. I have one HUGE complaint though because now I NEED to find a wooden dap so its all matchy matchy.
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  8. dadracer2
    I think the Echobox Explorer has a wooden sleeve with silver metal knobs...........don't know if its walnut though.........
  9. chungjun
    One of these maybe? Hahaa!:darthsmile:

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  10. Richsvt
    Balanced cable when? Please release it. I'm ready.
    IEMs, please, let me know!
  11. Liviu Nicolof
    I want to have also on open back headphone, on ear, for walking safely on the road, Any idea with similar signature like Meze more or less ?
  12. HungryPanda
    You could have a look at the Sivga 007
  13. mbwilson111
    I agree but sadly I just looked at Amazon.co.uk where I ordered mine and they are gone. They only have the 005 ans 006 right noe. Looks like all the hype in the other thread sold a few...

    You can see them here on Amazon .com...they have a few

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  14. Liviu Nicolof
    They are little bit bulky on the road and the place where I leave is very hot and humid, maybe something in ear or on ear open? Thanks for you reply.
  15. mbwilson111
    Yes I would not wear them on the road but they still are a very nice choice for someone wanting an open pair at home.
    An in ear (or are there open in ears?) will not make you safer or the road. Does Sennheiser still do open portables? Of course if a headphone is open then wind can be a problem with the sound.

    Are the smaller Koss porta pros open?
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2017
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