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Meet the Sennheiser GSP 600 & GSP 500 Gaming Headsets

  1. Sennheiser

    THE GSP 600 & GSP 500

    Gamers want to be completely immersed in their game, where everything fades into the background and the world of the game becomes reality. For those chasing this ultimate thrill, Sennheiser has created the new GSP 600 and GSP 500. The newest additions to the audio specialist’s acclaimed gaming range, the new adjustable headsets are so comfortable that you barely notice wearing them, while their incredibly realistic, natural sound places you at the heart of the action. With improved ergonomics, microphone performance and exceptional durability, the GSP headsets ensure a brilliantly enjoyable gaming experience.

    GSP-600-Shoot-02.jpg GSP-600-Shoot-06.jpg GSP-600-Shoot-08.jpg
    The new GSP 600 delivers a truly excellent sound performance that shatters expectations of what a gaming headset can do: It features a new and improved speaker system over the GAME ZERO, designed and manufactured by Sennheiser, with improved aluminum voice coil speakers that ensure an exceptional audio experience with an increased sub-bass range that powerfully adds impact to games and movies. This warm deep bass never overpowers the well-controlled mid-range and finely detailed high frequencies, for incredible fidelity and realism that lets you hear every detail and react faster.

    4608_GSP500_Isofront_Boomarm_down_RGB_red.jpg 4608_GSP500_Detail_Shot_Feature_01_RGB_red.jpg 4608_GSP500_Detail_Shot_RGB_red.jpg
    The GSP 500 features a new, improved open speaker system designed and manufactured by Sennheiser that delivers a natural sound performance, balancing excellent clarity with an enhanced low frequency response that adds excitement to the gaming audio. Specially positioned speakers within the ear cups channel the sound directly into the ears to ensure the best possible spatial representation and awareness of the gaming environment.

    Both of the GSP headsets' are equipped with an advanced, broadcast quality microphone, providing high-end noise cancellation that ensures crystal clear gaming communication. Controlling game audio is fast and intuitive: The mic can be quickly muted by lifting the boom arm, while a volume control wheel integrated into the ear cup offers brilliant convenience.

    A perfect fit for every gamer

    The new headsets feature a range of enhancements to ensure superior comfort - no matter your face shape or how long you play. Its advanced, 2-axis metal hinge system gives even more freedom of movement and improves the fit for a wider range of face shapes by pivoting smoothly to conform just as well to narrow or broad jawlines. The GSP 600 and GSP 500 are also easier to customize to suit different head sizes, thanks to an innovative adjustable contact pressure mechanism integrated into the headband. This can be adjusted to ensure the headset feels perfectly snug and secure without ever feeling too tight.

    Featuring a new, more ergonomically shaped and ultra-deep memory foam pad design, the GSP 600 mirrors the contours of the ear for improved noise insulation and wearing comfort. This new design shields the user more effectively from external noise and prevents sound from escaping between the ear pad and the face to preserve the intensity of bass frequencies. The ear pads also help you keep your cool with a luxurious combination of materials for both style and comfort: While leatherette is used around the edges of the ear pad, a cooler feeling suede-like material is used around the ear that won’t stick to the skin – even in the heat of the action.

    The GSP 500 ear pads feature a soft fabric that has been carefully selected to provide a more pleasant, cooler feel. Wearing comfort is further enhanced by a more ergonomically shaped ear pad design that mirrors the contours of the ear. In addition, it’s open-back, ventilated ear cups help to keep ears comfortable and cool during long gaming sessions.

    Communicate with clarity, play without distractions

    “In the creation of the GSP 600, we took our very best closed gaming headset and made it even better,” explained Andreas Jessen, Head of Product Management Gaming, Sennheiser Communications A/S. “The GAME ZERO broke new ground by building a high quality audio headset that was created entirely around the needs of gamers. With its successor, the GSP 600, we have stayed true to this ethos with a headset that even more perfectly matches the needs of each individual gamer – with an exceptionally comfortable fit that can be tailored to each person, so they can truly become one with the game.”

    “As with every Sennheiser gaming headset, the GSP 500 has been designed from the ground up to enhance every aspect of the gaming experience and let you perform at your very best,” said Andreas. “As well as delivering superior audio and comfort, a fully immersive gaming experience also depends on effortless ease of use and communication – even in the midst of fast-paced action.”

    The headsets are multi-platform compatible for gaming with PC, Mac, as well as consoles featuring a 3.5 mm jack input, thanks to the inclusion of two interchangeable cables. Use with lower-powered devices is improved thanks to a reduced impedance acoustic system that makes it easier to game on the go.

    The GSP 600 is available from the end of January 2018 at the recommended retail price of 249.00€ or 249.95$. The GSP 500 is available from the beginning of May 2018 at the recommended retail price of 229.00€ or 229.95$. As all Sennheiser products, the GSP headsets are built to last and come with a two-year worldwide warranty.


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  2. Sennheiser
    Sennheiser Stay updated on Sennheiser at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/Sennheiser https://twitter.com/SennheiserUSA http://www.instagram.com/sennheiser https://en-us.sennheiser.com/
  3. crabdog
    Wow, nice! I love the idea of the "Adjustable Contact Pressure".

    How do the 2 compare in regards to soundstage? I'd expect the GSP 500 to have a bigger soundstage because of the open design and fabric ear pads. But can it run Crysis? :p
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  4. Lurk650
    I've personally never understood using open back when playing multiplayer, a lot of sensitive mics will pick up the audio leaking
    crabdog likes this.
  5. crabdog
    These supposedly have improved noise cancellation on the mice though. You would probably need to be blasting the volume to pick up anything on it.
    Sennheiser and Lurk650 like this.
  6. pietcux
    I have the GSP 600 since some time. If you are ingame at a good volume level, you don't hear keystrokes through the mike. But without game sound the mic picks up the noise listenable to others. Not dramatically though. Since I mix my voice into the sound with the GSX1000, I can hear it myself and control it.
    Sennheiser likes this.
  7. Sennheiser
    Added "Showcase Items" and links to them in the intro, so that anyone who sees this announcement can easily find the relevant (upcoming) reviews on these headsets!

    People frequently discuss headphone clamp, so Sennheiser Gaming decided to design something about it. Both models feature angled drivers and improved drivers over the GAME and G4ME generation of headsets. The GSP 500 will indeed have a larger soundstage, however the squared-off pads make better contact with the side of your head and help preserve deeper sub-bass extension than typical in open-backed headphones.

    It can run Crysis, as well as Far Cry 5!

    The GSP 500 (as well as the 600) feature short-range, cardioid, unidirectional microphones. This means the microphone pickup from any direction other than from your mouth will be greatly reduced. Any game audio bleeding into the microphone feed would be from loud speakers, software bugs, or possibly a short in the wiring causing channel crosstalk. In the case of crosstalk being in the GSP's wiring, Sennheiser offers 2-year warranty service and after warranty repairs or replacement cables.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2018
    Sennheiser Stay updated on Sennheiser at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/Sennheiser https://twitter.com/SennheiserUSA http://www.instagram.com/sennheiser https://en-us.sennheiser.com/
    crabdog likes this.
  8. crabdog
    I'm loving Farcry 5 at the moment, it's a big improvement over Primal IMO. I will have to keep an eye on these - the pads on my current headset have gone all crusty and started to leave black flakes of pleather on my head :p
  9. pietcux
    I have the GSP 600 since it was first available. As I have a big head, I need to fully extend the headband and need no additional pressure from the sliders. It is very comfortable though and the sound quality is outstanding in its price range not as a Gaming Headset, also as a headphone for music and movies. It has a rather balanced sound with deep bass, which is not boomy , exellent mids and very detailed treble. After good 100 hours of usage, the treble smoothed out, at first I found them a tad harsh. The soundstage is quite large for a closed headphone.
    As a long time Sennheiser HD650 user I always bent the headband of Sennheiser headphones carefully until the clamping force suits my needs. The GSP600 is no exclusion from this treatment, if it clamps too hard, just extend the headband fully grip it with both hands and bend the parts that is between the earpiece and the center part that has the sliders using your thumps. Don't worry, it won't break, there is springsteel inside the plastic that you bend. And the plastic is soft enough that it won't crack.

    Please note that the gap between the earcushions is much larger as out of the box now.

    Headband fully extended:
    Headband not extended:

    Last edited: May 10, 2018
    crabdog likes this.
  10. crabdog
    Thanks for the impressions. The headphones look great.
  11. DancingShade
    Picked up a GSP 500 recently since I had need of a headset. Quite good for that purpose but I have to ask - during initial design what did these start out as? They sound far too good with music to be a simple gaming pair of headphones.
  12. crabdog
    That makes me rather excited :D
  13. Brushy
    Can you elaborate on the "improved drivers over the GAME and G4ME series" statement? I really haven't seen much of anything about the drivers being used and am curious as I've just ordered a GSP 500. I currently own a couple AKG products, K612 and K712 headphones, an old Pioneer SE-A1000 and the black version Sennheiser Game One with the removable cable, (not sure if it's the GAME or G4ME series). I had the AKG headphones before trying the Sennheiser and was always swapping back and forth between the K612 & K712 for Gaming and Music. The Pioneer I have are a nice budget friendly headphone that, for me, sound great with Movies. Since owning the Sennheiser I rarely ever use any of the others. I prefer the Sennheiser for gaming as well as Movies and unless my K712's are near I also use them for Music as they are a great sounding gaming headset that can also handle music well. Good all-rounder in my opinion, if you don't mind an attached mic. All that being said I'm very curious to know what improvements to the sound delivery were made over the Game/G4me series since my GSP 500 won't be arriving until the end of the week sometime and I like my current Sennheiser so much..
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2018
  14. plyr
    I bought recently a GSP 500, and right out of the box it was the most uncomfortable headphone ever, by a large margin compared to anything I ever put over my head.

    So, since I like to break warranty on things, I opened the cup and disable the pressure system completely, so that made the cup rest as it should over the ear, next thing I opened the top of the headphone and removed the 2 metal bands, so now it feels like a proper headphone, 20g lighter, great job sennheiser.

    Also, you MUST use with the volume slider on 100%, because anything below that will sound muddy, like the previous model also did.

    The earpad on the 500 model is also uncomfortable.
  15. pietcux
    I have the GSP 600. Like the HD6XX series you can bend the headband till it clamps as much as you like. Then you can still adjust using the slider. Seems you don't like anything in vanilla form of this headset.

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