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Meet in Vienna/Austria on April 14th 2018

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  1. HirschiAUT
    One month to go, wooo :ksc75smile:

    Just as an information for all of you, i am soon getting started with my first "serious" DIY project.
    I will build a speaker tap to headphones adapterbox based on these instructions.


    I have all the parts already in house, just need to wait for my custom case to be laser cut in the workshop at my company :)
    If all goes by plan and I manage to finish it before the meet i will take it with me.

    That means everyone that always wanted to try his speaker amp with his headphones, this MIGHT be your chance :beerchug:

    I will keep you updated on the progress!
  2. FritzS
    I miss the begin time :)

    How many register for this meeting coming in till today?
  3. plakat
    I think we'll start around 2pm as usual.

    Maybe we will have some ifi iDSD models to test :)
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  4. FritzS
    I want to bring Jan Meiers Corda -ff headphone amp - but I need a source (CD Player or other + DAC).
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  5. plakat
    I'll bring along my Benchmark DAC2 DX, which features two lineouts independent of the internal headphone amp, plus a CD player. Plus 3,5mm to chinch cables, which would allow mobile players as a source
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  6. FritzS
    How many want coming? The feedback here is poor.
    Gives another postings about the meeting in german forums too?
  7. plakat
    We'll see... our plans won't change with the number of attendees, so we'll just see who shows up. There were always enough people to have a fun time :)
  8. HirschiAUT
    I will try to bring my recently purchased Audio GD DAC-19 (2016 version) Multibit DAC along with my trusty NFB1-AMP, source will be the spdif out of my L&P L3 DAP, If the coax cable i will build over the Weekend works that is :p
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  9. interface95
    I'll try to join as well.
  10. jaco61
    Will join as well.
  11. plakat
    one week to go...
    unfortunately my Carinthian Schnaps-dealer was not at home, so I'll have to look for alternatives to bring along...
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  12. HartUndSteil
    If first-timers (and lurkers :p) are welcome I'd be glad to join as well. I'll try to bring some of my gear as well.
  13. plakat
    Of course they are welcome. Please feel free to contact me anytime before or at the meet in case you have any questions. Looking forward to meet you next Saturday
  14. HirschiAUT
    Hey, i have a question/request.

    Will there bei Standard power cables (like for PC) available at the venue?

    The cables behind my rack are a complete mess, would love to NOT get the power cords out of there...

    Would need three, if possible :)
  15. plakat
    I have several of those (Kaltgerätekabel in german) and can bring some along. Costs extra of course :wink:
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