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Meet in Vienna/Austria on April 14th 2018

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  1. HirschiAUT
    @plakat I would really appretiate it!

    As compensation i will try to bring some of my first self made Bacon, if it is done until saturday that is :p

    Chances are high though, eh? :)

  2. ampair
    One day to go, folks...
    Unfortunately I'll be leaving the meet quite early this time, as I have to attend a scouting event :cry:
    I just hope I'll get a taste of that bacon... mmmmhhhh...

    2018-04-13 17.22.03.jpg
  3. HirschiAUT
    I will arrive around 2pm as always, so there should be enough time to taste :)

    One more thing, unfortunately the speaker taps adapter Box is NOT done :frowning2:
    I have all the parts laying around but the chassis cant be made atm, too much "important" stuff to do the guys at the company said... :p

    Anyways, I really look forward to meet all of you again, cheers!
  4. ampair
    How dare they, to keep you away from where your heart is xD
    See you tomorrow at 2 then!

    Btw: tonight there's a big party at our building, so tomorrow you might stumble upon a few of my colleagues cleaning up the place. Treat them in a friendly way, they are the reason we get the Kontaktraum for free :wink:

    Edit: just to be clear, the party is at the ground floor, not in our venue...
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2018
  5. HirschiAUT
    OK, one last teaser for yall :)
    Oh and please dont expect it to be a lot, family and friends are in line as well, but i'll make sure everyone gets a chance to taste!

    FritzS likes this.
  6. RAFA
    Sorry Jungs. Due family demands/issues -_- I will not be able to participate tomorrow.

    I hope you will have a nice day and please make some photos!
  7. xxx1313
    Looking forward to seeing you today. I will bring my HD800S with Dekoni pads and some water from Scotland. :wink:
  8. plakat
    @ampair I remember how the upper floors can look like when there's a party at the ground floor :wink:

    @RAFA sorry to hear that... see you next time then!

    @xxx1313 Scotish water to... clean the pads I guess :wink:

    I'm in the final stages of packing up. Current plan says something about arrival around 1pm-2pm.
  9. plakat
  10. jaco61
    I appreciated the time a lot twith you all at the meeting! It was my first one and sure not my last :wink:
    Very familiar athmosphere, informative and funny talks .. a big thank you guys for all the phones and amps/dacs I could test nearby
    Truly inspiring and informative event at a perfect location too!
  11. FritzS
    Very hungry 'wolves' ate that quickly :bacon:

    Thanks for this delicacies!

    PS: Some new photos are on:

    As far as I know - this thread will closed soon.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018
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