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MEElectronics Thread!!!

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  1. Judge Buff
    I've been a Meelectronics fan since I first joined Head-Fi! From M6 & M9 to CC51 and my a151's, They are great quality, budget iems! I'd really like to A/B the new 151's with my well-used ones! I may need to sneak some past the Mrs...
  2. Arsis
    I've had my a151 for a week an I'm loving them. As expected from a single BA, it is missing some sub and sparkle but I really enjoy the mid clarity.
  3. nehcrow
    A151p is amazing for the price! Clarity is unreal, highly recommended
    Bass roll-off is minimal too
    It's better than any other single BA IEMs I've tried (UE600, IM01... some others I'm forgetting)
    Well done MEElectronics!
  4. musicfreak
    I'm interested in de Matrixx2, but the Ausdom M05 seems the same headphone. Or is it a clone with worse audio quality?

    Do MEE audio have more headphones (IEM's maybee?) that have been cloned? Or could it be dat MEE audio and Ausdom in this case have used a headphone from the same OEM manufacturer?
  5. psygeist
    They stopped A161p ?
  6. suman134

    I think A161p 2nd gen will be out soon!! [​IMG], that will be wicked.
  7. jarrett
    I got an email today about the 2nd gen A151 with a $20 coupon code
  8. kafebiwa
    Probably you think about Pinnacle P1 :wink: I'm waiting for this model and I heard that there is a chance to buy P1 in this year.
  9. suman134

     No A161p 2nd gen!! [​IMG], Pinnacle P1 is a Dynamic driver earphone.
  10. garcsa
    Win Meelec M6 [​IMG] 
  11. Trying2Learn
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