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MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 - $199 Dynamic Driver Flagship *Reviews 2nd Post*

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  1. benji18tat
    [​IMG] you could see black dot on an inner side of the headphones, but mine dont have anything there, just a smooth brushed metal
  2. benji18tat
    p1 is a quite capable model, but after hf5 its not enough clarity and separion in the middle frequencies for me, mids are somewhat muffled. cant get used to this kind of sound. ergonomics and comfort are great tho
  3. fangricky1
    I've also noticed the same thing - I originally purchased my P1s back in 2016, but have replaced them this year with a new set after the old pair got damaged. There's no air vent at the nozzle side of the earpiece.

    I contacted MEE Audio about this and they said that they were using new tooling to create their new batches. Apparently, the air vent on the older design is not really an air vent at all, and was blocked up from the inside as it was not used for sound tuning in the final product. However, I have noticed a difference with the newer design - there is more pressure build up in my ear, and it is pretty uncomfortable imo
  4. AndrewJ15
    I'm having a hard time with my P1s. I had difficulty finding any tip that created a solid seal. I previously would use M comply foam with little issue and now have to use L in the comfort style to get a seal. I had previously UE super.fi 5 pro and Ety HF3 after the 5's gave up the ghost.

    The etys could be painful after extended listening periods. The problem with the p1s is that I can always sense them being present rather than how I used to barely notice having the UEs in. The right ear is much more painful but I cannot get a seal with M comply. On top I am finding some sibilance and the treble being slightly fatiguing. I've ordered some spiral dots to see if that improves the situation. But I feel I'm close to giving up on the P1s.
  5. Podster
    I'd say just keep trying as P1's are great iem's, I've always used my trusted Auvio's with mine!
  6. Mouseman
    I think the P1s are fantastic with the Spiral Dots (old style, I don't have the "new" ones and they're too expensive right now). The wider bore and those magical dots help tame the treble and open up the bass, and I get a great seal (but YMMV). The other thing that helps the P1s is sufficient power....they'll take whatever you give them.

    Is it the sound that's painful or the actual fit? I'm guessing it's not the fit, because I think they're some of the best fitting IEMs that I own, other than maybe being a little heavy.
  7. AndrewJ15
    It's the fit that is painful. I find a lot of pressure on the one side and find I'm often adjusting that side every 15-20 mins. The sound can get a bit wearing with the highs being bright. I can definitely hear their potential as they have a decent sound on certain tracks that make you sit up and take note.

    Will see what happens when the spiral dots arrive. Not sure if they are the new style or the old ones.
  8. surfgeorge
    I did not experience your issues with pain, but I did not feel like I got the sound quality the P1 is praised for. I also find the treble to be fatiguing.
    Reason for replying to your post - I've had great experiences lately with the Spinfit series of tips. They are really comfortable and are sealing better than any other tip I have tried.

    I recently bought some Astell & Kern T8iE MKII. With the original tips they are not sealing perfectly and the sound is more neutral-warmish, but with the Spinfits seal is perfect and they become warm bass monsters. I need to try those tips with the P1 - maybe that will make them sound more balanced. I'll let you know.
  9. Podster
    For sure no two anatomies are alike and therefore some people just never get the fit they desire no matter what they try, my P1's have always been one of my most comfortable and non fatiguing (@surfgeorge ) iem's ever and the treble comment makes me think you have a bad pair as they are also one of the warmest iem's I ever had:confused: But as I've always said we also all hear them a little differently:wink:

    Mee “X” P1.JPG
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
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