Matrix X-SPDIF 2 - a Singxer SU-1 killer?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by project86, Jul 13, 2017.
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  1. BWV656
    Genelec 8330A
    Yes I've read about those but haha after reading your reviews I wanted to get su-1 or x-spdif 2.
  2. motberg
    I think the smaller size could be an advantage when using very short and stiff HDMI cables for the i2s...
    currently I need place the SU-1 on a little platform on top of my DAC, but the Matrix seems it could possibly be attached in some way to free up the DAC cover again... and perhaps with less strain on the cable.
  3. BWV656
    And probably this is a silly question, but would I see any noticeable sound improvement by using SU-1 or X-SPDIF2 over something like Mutec MC-1.2 ?

    I know MC 1.2 is more expensive but if there is no noticeable difference in sound, MC 1.2 is far more versatile for my needs.
  4. project86 Contributor
    Yes, I think that's true. Probably not a common issue, but if space and placement options are the issue, the Matrix has the advantage.
  5. project86 Contributor
    Mutec makes great stuff. I can't really say how the 1.2 would stack up, but I do hold Mutec in high regard in general.

    The 8330A is quite nice by the way. Great choice!
  6. jonahsfo
    If you're thinking about picking up one of these, I am very happy with the Matrix X-SPDIF 2. I upgraded to it earlier this year after enjoying the original X-SPDIF for quite a while, and it turned out to be an awesome purchase.

    It's currently plugged into my Mac via USB and I'm not using an external power supply. I originally bought it so that I could feed more than one DAC simultaneously (via AES, S/PDIF, and TOSLINK), but it proved even more useful when I picked up a DAC with I^2S support.
    Note: it seems perfectly happy sending output to all its interfaces at the same time, so this is a great tool if you have multiple DACs that you'd like to A/B test.

    The X-SPDIF 2 is now driving my Holo Audio Spring DAC (KTE Level 3) via I^2S using a short (2-foot) HDMI-spec cable. I wasn't sure how easy this would be, or whether I would need to play with the dip switches on the underside of the chassis to make things work. But I was happily surprised -- everything was plug and play. It's now playing anything from 16/44.1 to 24/384K or DSD64, DSD128 and DSD256, fed directly from Audirvana Plus on macOS.
    Note: One thing I noticed is that it sometimes doesn't come back after the Mac has been asleep -- so I've found myself unplugging it and plugging it back in if it's in a coma. A minor nit, but otherwise, it's been flawless.

    Physically, the X-SPDIF looks great! I like the look a lot better than the Singxer, which seemed awkwardly large and a very big ugly logo on the front. The Matrix has a very subtle design with only a single multi-colored LED light on the front. Green means PCM, and Blue means it's detected DSD content. As people mentioned earlier in this thread, the case is super-solid and well-built. Although it is a little larger than I was expecting -- it's about four inches square. You can get an idea of how big it is in the picture below.

    I bought it from Shenzen Audio, and they delivered to California within a few days. It was a tough call to spend almost $400 on an upgraded USB bridge, but I'm actually quite happy with the purchase -- and now that it's driving the Spring DAC over I^2S -- it's phenomenal!


    BTW, if anyone is looking for the original X-SPDIF for a good price, let me know -- I'm not going back!
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  7. chauphuong
    I have done comparison between the two, SU1 won, hands down. The biggest difference was when listening to "difficult" music like symphonies.
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  8. BWV656
    Thank you so much. Haha I went cheap and got the Eitr but I'll keep that in mind. If I don't like it I can always return it and get the SU1. Thanks again.
  9. DSK
    Do you mean that the SU-1 beat the X-SPDIF2 hands down, or the MC-1.2 hands down?
  10. chauphuong
    Clearly it was about a comparison with Mutec 1.2
  11. DSK
    WooHoo! Guess who has a Matrix X-SPDIF 2 and Uptone LPS-1 on the way ... it will feed my Holo Spring L2 DAC via ApolloAV HDMI cable.
  12. burdie
    Anyone DIY special HDMI cable for Matrix X-spdif 2 to any i2s capable Dac?
  13. project86 Contributor
    Sounds like a great setup. You have it up and running yet? How is it performing?

    I've been using Belden Series FE from Blue Jeans Cable - very affordable, and easy to work with due to flexibility. I tried a "higher end" audiophile HDMI cable and not only could I not tell any difference in sound whatsoever, I also had a heck of a time bending it around to the proper angle. No more of those for me...

    Using X-SPDIF 2 successfully with PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC and Wyred 4 Sound 10th Anniversary DAC. Both require flipping the DIP switch for "DoP to NATIVE". Other two switches stay in the default "off" position. Both devices sound their best over I2S so this little converter is just the thing. I'm loving it.
  14. DSK
    Has been on repeat for last couple of weeks (busy with work and kids).

    Setup is PC (Roon) > NAS > fibre optic isolators > Aries femto (SBooster/Ultra LPS) > Curious USB > Intona Industrial > Curious USB > Matrix X-SPDIF 2 (Uptone LPS-1) > Apollo AV Lightning 2 I2S > Holo Spring DAC (L2) > Herron VTSP3R2 preamp > Rogue ST100 amp > Silverline Sonata III floorstanders & Rythmik DirecServo 12" sealed sub (38Hz down).

    Had a listen for a couple of hours the other day on PCM files only and although the improvements (vs USB from Intona directly into DAC) were not night and day, a few things seemed to stand out. The presentation was consistently more emotional and engaging, bass seemed to hit harder, and I could turn the volume up a little further without any congestion, raggedness or feeling that I was pushing it a little hard.

    I'll report back further in coming weeks as I get to listen more. I'll also try removing the Intona Industrial (and one of the Curious USB cables) to see whether it is still adding any benefit. And, I've got a Ghent DC cable coming to go between Uptone LPS-1 and Matrix X-SPDIF 2. I doubt it will provide any audible benefit over the stock one that comes with the LPS-1 but it isn't costing much to try.
  15. burdie
    I used a custom made HDMI cable for connecting X-Spdif 2 and Denafrips Pontus dac, It works regardless Mclk set to on or off as Denafrips in master mode.
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