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Massdrop x Noble X Universal IEMs Review / Preview

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  1. baiyy1986
    Just tried SpinFit 240, huge surprise.
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  2. showme99
    Good surprise, or bad surprise?
  3. fritz1234
    Must be good. Bad would be followed by some reasoning, like "It sounded like ass", or something.
    Last edited: May 18, 2018
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  4. FullCircle
    Noble Audio Stay updated on Noble Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/NobleAudio https://www.twitter.com/noblebywizard https://www.instagram.com/nobleaudio https://nobleaudio.com/en/ contact@nobleaudio.com
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  5. baiyy1986
    lol, yeah, good one!:darthsmile:
  6. Colors
    MD+ have amazing clarity and soundstage (odd combination).

    I'm actually thinking of getting the Noble X. Not sure how it differs from ER4XRs, MD or Campfire Comets if anyone has them...
  7. beamaze
    @Colors so instead of the + I just bought the andromeda...... They are pretty good hahahaha but I don't think they are worth all the money. Massdrop+(My cousin owns them) should satisfy your needs. I have yet to try dynamic driver IEMs and maybe I really should... I just want the best mids with deeper bass than the andromeda.... I don't know anymore :frowning2:((
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  8. Koolpep
    Deepest bass - IMR R1
    I really like them for their bass and overall performance and clarity.

    But quite a bit more expensive than the Noble X - which I also love to bits.

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  9. mashuto
    I have both the noble x and md+, the x is more of an L shaped signature, while the md+ is flatter, but also seems to have better subbass extension. Honestly dont listen to the X that much since the noble shell is a bit difficult for me to get a good fit. Actually thinking of selling mine (have to make some money back for other recent purchases), send a pm if you might be interested.
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  10. Colors
    Empire Ears Bravado suit your needs if you want thumping bass and sub-bass while having clear vocals.
  11. ducatirider
    Hello, I'm a bit late to the game but was wondering what size tips do I need? I use the largest size that came with the X's. Does that mean I need large Comply or Spintips as well?
  12. baiyy1986
    If the seal and fit are perfect, for the stock tip, I think you should use the large size of Spintips.
    My situation is different, I like the smaller size but big foam tips seal the best.
    I used spinfit 240 small first still have some sealing issue, then I got spinfit 155 medium, which is way better for sealing and fitting.
  13. Ancipital
    Sadly, they removed support for all Noble IEMs overnight. They say that the bore is too smooth, and the resultant product is too low quality and causes them problems- so they don't support Noble IEMs any more.

    (They called and explained why, at least, which is something).
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2018
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  14. Pott
    I'm on the drop for these.

    I'm also currently testing the Massdrop Plus and the Westone W20, all in the same price range (... not to mention the iBasso IT01s and receiving the Massdrop x NuForce EDC3 tomorrow... I have no self-control..).

    ...aaand I'm considering dropping out and getting the newly-created AAW AXH drop instead.

    My complete lack of restraint aside: for those who've tried a few of these, which would you advise for a lover of 'fun' sound signature, where comfort + clarity in midrange and note separation is critical.
    I listen to mostly extreme Metal genres, so midrange clarity and a non-aggressive Treble are critical.

    The W20s are super comfy and sound very nice; I don't like using foam tips, and they're fine with it.
    The Massdrop Plus just will NOT fit me. Foam tips or not. They're unlikely to stay.

    Would these Massdrop x Noble offer a higher likelihood of a match, fit-wise?
    Or would the AAW maybe be a better match?

    Cheers for any insights!
  15. Tadeas
    @Pott The AAW AXH looks really exciting! I'd certainly consider that. That being said, I'm a happy owner of the Noble X so I can answer some of your questions.

    I'm not sure I'd describe the sound signature as "fun". More like "natural", "engaging", or "smooth". By "fun" I understand emphasized bass and possibly a V-shape in general. The Noble X is very mid-centric with the upper bass lifted a bit for added warmth and naturalism.

    It's very much the opposite of a V-shape signature: the sub bass is de-emphasized, and the treble is very smooth, somebody would say it rolls off rather quickly, too. This makes it forgiving to poorly recorded material and less tiring for long listening sessions. So there's little "artificial" details coming from emphasized treble, but the details that are present (and there's still plenty!) come from the beautiful mids.

    The comfort is a hit and miss. I'm coming from the Etymotics land, so the comfort is like 1000x better :) . Some reviewers complain about it though, and it really depends on your ears. I can get a good seal with either small ear tips and deep insertion, or large tips and shallow insertion. The deep insertion is not very good, as the nozzle is quite short and the shape keeps pulling the IEM out. With shallow insertion and large tips, it's perfectly fine - and I find the soundstage to improve with the shallow fit, too.

    It's worth noting that the Noble X is very power hungry. With insufficient power the treble rolls of too quickly for my taste (I listen to classical music mainly though). I have the Fiio Olympus 10K, and it doesn't sound great at the low-gain setting. The treble, in particular, is much better at the high-gain, but then there's notable hiss. The hiss doesn't bother me when listening to rock or metal but is annoying when listening to classical. Oddly enough, it sounds great straight out of my laptop; it has a good middle ground in terms of power I guess.
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