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Massdrop AKG K812 Giveaway! - COMPLETE!

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  1. vapman
    My Massdrop name is farty and I always wish I would see more vinyl related gear in the Massdrop audiophile emails. Cartridges, whole TT's, any of it. Would also like to see some fancier IEMs turn up. If brand is necessary, perhaps some Aurisonics.
  2. kmello
    MD Username: Kmello
    Fiio X7
  3. magemasher
    JBL Studio 530
  4. Wafflez Prime
    Massdrop username: WafflezPrime
    id like to see more vmoda products
  5. Spannertech
    Massdrop account: Spannertech
    Would love to see more low to mid range portable amps and IEM's.  
  6. canthearyou
    Massdrop username: Drivinfast247

    No more products. No more deals! I can't afford it!
  7. DatGuy
    Username: DatGuy
    Perhaps other brands like V-Moda, Master & Dynamic, RHA, more accessories like cases (Pelican would be nice), stands
  8. AudioAw2015
    More Japanese IEMS!!!
  9. Spannertech
    Massdrop account: Spannertech
    Would like to see some more low to mid range portable headphone amps and IEM's.
  10. deadmaudj
    My Massdrop username is deadmaudj.
    The audiophile products I would appreciate seeing on Massdrop in the future are the AKG K812 circumaural headphones, the Sennheiser HD800/HDVD800 combo, the Beyerdynamic T1,(v2) the Hifiman HE-1000, the Audio-Technica ATH-2000, and the Stax SR-009. Pretty wishful thinking, doesn't everyone agree?
  11. eldus
    MD username Eldus74
    Edit: Item change
    More DACs
  12. graphidz
    MD Username : Graphidz

    MD products wanted : STAX!!!
  13. uSevens
    Massdrop account: uSevens
    I'd like to see more tube amps
  14. chicken beer
    My username is zhouharvey on Massdrop!
    I would love to see Fostex Th-x00, and would also like to see Grado Magnum mods sold on Massdrop!!
  15. ascension278
    Massdrop user name: chor.beng
    Would like to see : Empire Ears Athena
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