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Marantz SA-10 CD Player

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by PatekBruguetMogul, Oct 3, 2019.
  1. ctemkin
  2. PatekBruguetMogul
    I really like it, however i have never had or listened to any other CD Players before so really nothing to compare it with. Sure seems to be of very nice quality and built extremely well. I think you also have one and your thoughts plus what amp are you using..?
  3. riverred105
    For previous poster:

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  4. gimmeheadroom
    Looks great, congrats! But I hope that was not 8000 USD :dt880smile:

    You could probably get a leftover Oppo 205 for around 2-2.5 thousand euros...
  5. PatekBruguetMogul
    Yes it was just a click over $8000.00 USD with the AudioQuest RCA Jumper Cables and overnight delivery plus sales tax..Yup sure was..
  6. gimmeheadroom
    YOW! Sorry about your wallet! :D
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  7. gimmeheadroom
    It seems like it has hugely good ratings. It's a boatload of money but it looks like you got one of the best SACD players :) So enjoy it and give us your long-term impressions!
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  8. vcoheda Contributor
    looks like a killer unit -- nice set up!
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  9. PatekBruguetMogul
    About a month ago I was wanting to get me a nice headphone setup and this is what I ended up with.. 3 Amps and 3 sets of headphones..

    4F64FAF3-3C3C-47C4-9573-68189BDDC0AC.jpeg 9C8D6F33-3E47-4F1D-B896-A77D6B162159.jpeg 75AB7FAE-3D5D-4007-A835-AEE980DC5ABA.jpeg B6B83450-4880-4136-B482-3A20D5C05D6A.jpeg E22EA913-EC2C-4CE5-95A9-A422DA807E42.jpeg
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  10. Thenewguy007
    How does the headphone out of the SA-10 compare to the Woo WA5 & McIntosh?
  11. vcoheda Contributor
    going all in, i see. choice is nice.

    i would love to get some new audio toys, but no discretionary income at the moment, so i collect music instead, which is far cheaper.
  12. protoss

    Maybe its too late and you wont like to hear it. I just have to mention it after looking at your pictures.

    Sell everything and get BHSE + SR-009 and keep the SA-10.

    Your headphones and ampilfers sound signature screams SR-009.
  13. PatekBruguetMogul
    SELL..? Your kidding right..? I just bought all my brand new stuff and sure as heck am not selling a thing. if I am lacking something i will just add it. No need to sell something here to swing something else..:)
  14. protoss

    The BHSE + 009 is around 10K . It is the same price as all your headphones and that Woo Amp.

    Unless you have another 10K to spend? You can not add a 009 to what you have because it is Estats. You need to build a new system set up.

    What I am trying to say is, the BHSE + 009 is way more superior in sound quality than what you currently have with the same similar sound signature.

    No hate :) just another suggestion

    Let's just say I understand your current set up :p
    Got some Sophia tubes action going on.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2019
  15. PatekBruguetMogul
    First off you better do the math again as you are way off and 2nd I told you what i would be doing about selling things I just bought... I don't think you quite get it..:)

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