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Marantz SA-10 CD Player

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by PatekBruguetMogul, Oct 3, 2019.
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  1. PatekBruguetMogul
    I am about to pull the trigger on this CD Player for my Music Source and any reason not to..? I am not interested in streaming and very choosey on what I like to listen to. This is the top of the line for Marantz and I see no bad feedback about it myself..
  2. protoss
    Many reasons! One is that the best Cd-players ever built with unparalleled sounds were from 1984 to 1996 stop wasting your time with the new ones opps I mean here are some good players down below to think about also. I heard the Marantz SA-11S3 version, not the SA10. The SA11 is okay. But nothing is better than the 80s and early 90s stuff thou...

    Vivaldi CD/SACD Transport - https://www.dcsltd.co.uk/products/vivaldi-cdsacd-transport/
    Rossini CD/SACD Transport - https://www.dcsltd.co.uk/products/rossini-cd-sacd-transport/

    Accuphase - http://www.accuphase.com/model/dp-950.html
    Accuphase - http://www.accuphase.com/model/dp-750.html

    MSB - http://www.msbtechnology.com/transports/ref-transport-features/
    MSB - http://www.msbtechnology.com/transports/select-transport-features/

    Mark Levinson - https://www.marklevinson.com/produc...ayers&dwvar_NO519-_color=Black-GLOBAL-Current
    Mark Levinson - https://www.marklevinson.com/produc...=players&dwvar_NO5101-_color=Black-US-Current

    Simaudio - https://simaudio.com/en/product/650d-dac-cd-transport/?v=3e8d115eb4b3

    MBL CD TRANSPORT/DAC - https://www.mbl.de/cd-dac-mbl-c31/?lang=en

    Chord Blu MK2- https://chordelectronics.co.uk/product/blu-mk-2/
    Chord One - https://chordelectronics.co.uk/product/one/

    KALISTA DREAMPLAY CD TRANSPORT - http://www.kalista.audio/en/collections/dreamplaycd/
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2019
  3. PatekBruguetMogul

    Well to late now as I bought this $8000.00 budget model Marantz with Audioquest Jumper RCSA cable 5 minutes ago and will be here in the am with overnight shipping. I knew there would be one..:)
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  4. protoss
    ...... Guess I was too late...

    Well dont look at my amazing list of regrets now :p
  5. PatekBruguetMogul

    Yup already paid and in the am overnight shipping. Surely its a bit better then your $150.00 Wal mart Special I would think and if not, i will find another.. Your choice of CD player is..?
  6. protoss
    Well lets just hope it is better than wall-mart specials. I heard the SA11se. Its good. Maybe its the dac that I liked more in it than anything else.

    My choice are from the 80s and 90s players. For example, my Pioneer PD-91 from 1988 just cant be beaten. Even the internals speaks for itself.
    Marantz 94 CD-player is one of the best ever made. A rip off of the legendary Philips CD880 Cd-player thou. But still they did a good job.

    But if I have to pick modern stuff? Maybe from legendary Mark Levinson products. Overall the list i provided is something i would of bought if i needed something.
  7. PatekBruguetMogul
    Well thanks for your input and hopefully it will be ok for me as I do not know one CD Player from another. Buying 3 high end headphone Amps and 3 sets of High End headphones in a week, honestly i really need to back off.. My marantz will be here in the am and looking forward to checking it out..
  8. PatekBruguetMogul
    I was to receive this today and was held up for CC Security reasons so they finally sent it out this afternoon for Saturday by noon arrival. So this will be my first listen through any of my equipment since recently purchased and sure looking forward to it. Seems like I keep finding neat things to buy...
  9. Thenewguy007
    Hope to hear your impressions.
  10. ctemkin
    How much you like it is going to depend on your own preferences as well as its synergy with the rest of your system. That said, I have been quite pleased with mine.
  11. PatekBruguetMogul
    I will find out this am when it arrives from UPS before noon. I have bought me a few nice CD's to start out then will start searching for a good source of high quality CD's to buy. Picture of your setup please..?
  12. PatekBruguetMogul
    IMG_3527.JPG IMG_3528.JPG IMG_3529.JPG IMG_3530.JPG
  13. ctemkin
    Picture attached.

    How is your new SA-10 working out?
  14. PatekBruguetMogul
    IMG_3531.JPG IMG_3534.JPG IMG_3535.JPG IMG_3536.JPG
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  15. ctemkin
    Trying again to post picture.
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