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  1. rae39852
    they look well packed and how's the cable

  2. Broquen
    Sorry for the ot, but if anyone is interested, Big Dipper is available at Massdrop now for $539.99
    Lidson Mendes Br likes this.
  3. Lidson Mendes Br
    Big Price.
  4. TimeSnow
    If that was the price with the switches I'd bite.
    thejoker13 likes this.
  5. koikoikoi
    Not sure why you'd buy from Massdrop when you can get it from any other dealer in a shorter timeframe (est ship date 2/16) for a very similar price. Now if they had the A5 for a big discount in bulk there...
  6. bhazard
    I've been so content with my A4s that I haven't had any desire to purchase, review, or try anything else in a long time. A5 has my interest.
    salla45, gugman, thejoker13 and 2 others like this.
  7. koikoikoi
    I would love to hear impressions from owners of the Big Dipper compared to the A5. Soon enough hopefully.
  8. 1TrickPony
    I had to go a whole scale up (in $$$) just to find something else. The tuning (and customization) on the A4 was just spot on!!!

    Our wives and wallets, deep down inside, are truly grateful...

    Someone... impressions...pleeease
  9. meringo
    Just placed an order for the A5 via Penon Audio -- express service. Can't wait...
    peter123 and B9Scrambler like this.
  10. meringo
    I used to have a Honda Shadow -- loved that bike. Hopefully, I love these new IEMs just as well :wink:
  11. Bubblejuice
    I find it interesting how the A5 has much fewer tuning options than the A4s, despite being the "next step up" in their line-up.

    LZ must be very confident in their tuning of these.
    1TrickPony likes this.
  12. X-Frame
    I have the A4’s and from a sound perspective I can’t imagine anything better that I would personally like at the price range. Meaning that there is no music that I listen to that I feel the A4’s don’t do justice. I use Red Back and Black Front’s.

    The only thing I would have loved improved were the ergonomics. These A5’s look to sit much better in the ear and not stick out as much as the A4’s which would be all that I’d want. But I don’t know if that alone is a reason for me to upgrade when the A4’s treat me so well, so I’d be very curious to hear how they may sound compared to the A4’s. If there is even a further improvement is sound then I’d highly consider the upgrade. I’m not quite ready to spend the money for the Dipper yet.
  13. duyu
    I’m using A5 with the red nozzle. (Previously, A4 black/pink) To my ears, they offer more details and the bass is more punchy . The soundstage is larger, offering a better separation on different instruments in a classical. My feeling is that A5 have a larger atmosphere and are more precise. The red nozzle is slightly more V-shaped than A4 black/pink, I guess.

    I have no problem with the fit of A4, but I believe many would like the new shape of A5. Very comfortable.
  14. TimeSnow
    Whoa! This is exciting.
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