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Looking for the ultimate basshead headphone. Is the L3000 what I'm looking for?

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by wind016, Sep 17, 2011.
  1. wind016
    I constantly hear people characterize the Audio Technica L3000 as the ultimate basshead headphone and that's what I'm looking for right now. I'd like to know the opinions of the people that have heard it and how they would describe the sound. Details like treble peaks would be important for me to know too.
  2. Nomad


    I wrote some impressions in the thread below. Hope it helps:
  3. El_Doug Contributor
    I suppose it depends on the type of basshead you are.  If you want a powerful thump that works with whatever electronic music is hip today (I think dubstep?), you'll probably adore them.  If you want the lowest extension possible with detail, avoid the L3k at all costs. 
    The treble is surprisingly nice on these cans, though the midrange is wonky (just like nearly every other AT headphone).  The bass hits a major peak in the upper bass, and then rolls off very abruptly.  The bass is wobbly and lacks the definition you would expect at the pricepoint. 
    Overall, less their beauty, the L3k is completely forgettable
  4. brat
    Ultimate basshead headphones must be the LCD-2s. They say they're flat down to 5 hz . But I haven't heard them yet. Please, say it's not true because I have the irrational desire to order ones although I don't need new cans...
  5. rgs9200m
    Try the JVC DX1000s. Very powerful, deep, high quality bass, just somewhat over emphasized in the spectrum, but this depends on the amplification. Highs are nice too.
  6. TheWuss

    i don't think OP is looking for a ruler flat bass response. 
    which the LCD-2 has.  [​IMG]
  7. brat
    DX-1000's highs are pronouncedly rolled off. And the bass is strong but muddy and with less control and texture compared to HE-5 for instance (I had a chance to compare both side by side).
  8. PleasantNoise
    Sorry, is it just me, or is bass something that seems to be over emphasized on these forums?
    Surely mids are more important, as thats where most of the listening and music occurs in?

    And it would make sense to get something with flat response right down, like Lcd-2 then Eq them to give more pronounce bass (if the intention is to ruin the balance of sounds)
    not sure any headphone will ever be able to produce the big thumps you feel in your chest with really powerful bass.
  9. wind016

    I have headphones that provide me the midrange that I need and crave, but now I want some major bass thumping. I'm still thinking about the L3000 and even the Ultrasone ED9, but I'm not so sure anymore. I'm not in a hurry though so I'm still lightly considering it them.
  10. PleasantNoise


    having headphones with good midrange,
    and a separate pair of headphones with good bass, sounds like a crazy idea (thats the impression the above post made)

    surely, having one set of cans, that do all frequencies accurately and with authority would make more sense?
    It happens far too often, that people have speaker systems with bass eq'd to hell, and an overly bassy system in the first place, often I don't even recognize tracks because I don't hear the music, just the bass, which is ridiculous.
  11. deadlylover
    I'd much rather have a couple of headphones that do different things, so I can pick one for whatever flavour I feel like listening at the time. It's just too boring having only 1 headphone, however good it may be.
  12. PleasantNoise
    my outlook on reproducing music, is that is should be as accurate and well presented as possible.
    So having one perfect system seems so much better than many flawed ones.
    I want to enjoy the music as intended, uncoloured, perfect etc.
    not possible, but I can dream
  13. deadlylover
    Both wind016 and I have an Omega 2 rig, and that's kind of one of the best all rounder headphones that you can get. Think along the lines of the LCD-2, but better IMO. [​IMG]
    I guess you could say that we've already found our perfect system, and just want something different for a change of pace.
    For me, I just want to enjoy the music, so I don't care for such trivial things like intention, perfection or accuracy. [​IMG]
  14. Amarphael
    O2 have some major butt-kicking bass in my setup, when it's called for. you sure your source is up for the task?
  15. iamoneagain
    The two best I've heard is the original Grado PS-1 and the L3000.  The PS-1 has more punch and has a tighter kick.  The L3000 is deeper and more textured.  It also has more kick than any other headphone besides the PS-1.  I actually think the PS-1 bass was a little too much for softer songs.  L3000 bass isn't overpowering when it's not needed.
    And as far as the complaints I keep seeing about L3000, it's either a matter of taste or the system they've heard them on.  Don't think I have anyone ever complained about them at any of the meets I've brought my setup to.  Think only issue has been some people prefer a more open headphone but all said it has excellent bass.  
    I'm using the L3000 out of a DHA3000 running from a Mac in 24 bit mode using BitPerfect.  For some reason 24 bit opens up the sound.  Could be due to the digital volume of the amp.

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