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Looking for the best in-line mic on over the ear cans

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by unknownsolo, Sep 10, 2012.
  1. unknownsolo
    Hello all, Im using the Bose AE2i right now on my PC for music/games/skype calls (i know bose do not get much love over here but i love them so much) I am very picky when it comes to design and comfort, let alone sound quality, I tried many cans ranging from klipsch, sony, philips, sennheiser and v-moda, but my ears seem to only accept bose for some reason, anyways, my question is, I use skype sometimes to talk to friends, and the bose in-line mic is really good and clear when the room is quite, but if there is any background noise, it picks it up loud and clear. 
    I was wondering if any of you tried any nice comparable (price/quality) set of cans that has a really good in-line mic which also blocks out background noise?
    PS. i am not interested in gaming headsets, wifi, BT, etc. also, PLEASE, do not tell me to get a separate mic or a clip-on mic or mod mic, I am only wondering if any knows a real good set that has a noise cancelling mic that works good, if not, i guess I will be sticking to my bose for now!
  2. jackwess
    Most of the headphones with In line mic (sound quality is terrible) in my opinion. You can look into the Sennheiser PC350/360 BUT they are gaming oriented. 
    Oh, i almost forgot..the Sennheiser amperiors have in line mic as well for apple devices. 
  3. unknownsolo
    unfortunately all the in-line mics are horrible for some reason! they dont offer any noise cancelling, what i like about the Bose AE2i is that i come home, plug it to my astro mixamp on my PC, and boom i got awesome sound quality plus mic if I need it for skype calls, once done, un-plug it from PC, plug it to my iphone and go. very easy and very very very comfortable!
    I guess im sticking with the AE2i for now

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