1. Dudios Zeus

    Dudios Zeus

    【AptX for High Fidelity Audio & CVC6.0】 aptX codec provides pure, CD-like high quality sound for compatible devices. With CVC 6.0 noise cancelling tehonology ensures your music fresh and smooth without skips. 【Water-Resist & IPX6】 Nano coating protects the Bluetooth earphones from sweat damage...
  2. cirwin2010

    Need help removing mic hiss

    I am having a problem with mic hiss. When ever I use something like skype or anything else that requires a mic there is a rather loud hiss. I have a x-fi titanium (non hd) sound card and my mic is a zalman zm-mic1. I had this same issue with my old headset and assumed it was just the headset...
  3. whitedragon551

    Inline Mics?

    Whats with all the crazy about inline mics and volume controls? Ive always personally hated them. On any set of headphones or headsets for gaming that Ive used, that have had an inline control, that was always the first place they failed. Not to mention the bulkiness it adds to the cord. Whats...
  4. jaybar

    Headphones for the Office with Apple Controls?

    Hi   I am looking for Headphones for work. My Requirements:   1 <$200 2-Super Comfortable with Glasses 3-Apple Controls for iPhone/iPad   I must be able to hear my desk phone and colleagues knocking on my office door. Headphones will not be used outside my office. Acoustic Music...
  5. aznsammurai82

    Need help looking for earphones with a microphone.

    I was looking for a new pair of earphones that are budget friendly around 25$ or less and i was going to buy a pair of monoprice earphones but also i wanted to have a mic to talk so i cant get them anymore. So i look and see these and they look pretty good to buy but im not entirely sure if...
  6. xfls

    Good handsfree adapter with mic?

    I searched the forum but it looks like that all the quality ones (Shure MPA, Audio Technica AT-MP100..?) are not available anymore. There is some cheap ones on ebay but I need something that would last more that 1 week. Maybe Belkin Mic with Remote for iPhone, Griffin SmartTalk Headphone...
  7. unknownsolo

    Looking for the best in-line mic on over the ear cans

    Hello all, Im using the Bose AE2i right now on my PC for music/games/skype calls (i know bose do not get much love over here but i love them so much) I am very picky when it comes to design and comfort, let alone sound quality, I tried many cans ranging from klipsch, sony, philips, sennheiser...
  8. what?

    in line microphone for talking to someone while wearing iems?

    can i buy an inline device so i can have a conversation with someone without having to remove my iems?   whats it called and where do i buy it??   :D
  9. leotnnz

    budget earbuds with mic for Android phone?

    i am finding earbuds with mic for my phone. but no in ear type please:(  budget is a little bit tight. under $50 is ok to me. comfort is more important than sq, since i need it for talking, not for music.    let me know what your choice for my phone. thanks, guys.
  10. andrewbichik

    <$35 headphones with mic for PC.

    Hi, guys. My father asked me to buy for him on(over)-ear headphones with microphone (not built in like in apple headphones). It has to be something best for price. And it has to look comparatively nice. He will use it for Skype. So maximum price is 30-35$.
  11. invain

    Headsets w/ mic for gaming/skype? 50$ - 75$

    I apologize if this isn't the right sub forum for this question.   I need a headset, mainly for gaming. I have a desktop mic I've been using but it's not loud enough in the game I'm using, no matter how close I have it. I'd really like to spend less than $50, but my budget for now is $75...
  12. bonebrain

    What IEM to get with a good microphone

    Sorry, but I just can not find the answer that I am looking for.  I travel a great deal and appreciate the ability to use my IEM's wherever I go.  I often need to have conference calls etc on my phone in remote locations so having a 'good' microphone is very important as well.  I have been using...
  13. yesshh

    Zalman ZM-MIC1 Question

    Hey guys. I have been debating buying a new headset for gaming on PC, but I have grown fond of my JVC HA-RX700 headphones.  I bought the zalman zm-mic1 and have found that it's not a bad setup for the price. That being said, I had seen somewhere before that there are attachable booms for...
  14. warxsnake

    Any good desktop mics, for gaming

    Hi   I'm transitioning away from wearing a headset (my setup is/was an Astro A40 hooked up to an HT Omega Claro sound card (DDH/DD)).   I bought the Sennheiser IE80 IEMs for use on the go and for pc/console gaming, i.e. it replaces everything. Still hooked up to the same card.   This...
  15. voodoochild16

    Looking for a special kind of earphone.. for computer use and running with a microphone and bluetooth?

    Hey all, I am getting tired of my sony headphones that I use for my computer. It's time to go wireless. I also want this pair to have a microphone built in, and bluetooth so I can use it with my cell phone, and last but not least the option to plug the headset into the cordless phone jack (2.5mm...
  16. crazyg0od33

    Anyone who can mod my AD700's?

    Is there anyone out there who can do a mic mod to my AD700's? Similar to either of these.         I dont need paint or anything, I just dont have the skill or tools necessary to do this to my set. I'd send em out to whoever can do them, depending on price obviously. I'd...
  17. shillivan

    Microphone settings

    Hey guys, just bought one of these mics:   Problem is that I hear too much static and my voice is too low for some reason unless I put it really close to my...
  18. That Person

    Headsets/Headphones w/ line in microphone around 50 dollars.

          My friend is planning on purchasing a headset for around 50 dollars. I've been trying to get him to go with one of those Zalman clip on microphones and some headphones instead, but I'm not sure I'll be able to convince him. I didn't see any threads about headsets around this price point...
  19. arch5

    Sennheiser HD598 + Microphone?

    About a year ago, I made a thread here after my generic logitech headset had broken, asking for recommendations for new headphones: I was recommended the Sennheiser HD598, which I bought, and I've had ever since then, and I love it. It's...