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Looking for new sub$100 IEM (in canada)

  1. QuietComfort
    Hi. I've been looking around this site as well as a few others for reviews and finally decided to ask in a thread.
    My preference is more analytical / detailed, with a wide soundstage. Bass is good, but probably prefer more balanced.
    I had my Sony MDR-NC22 (not quite sure if it's the NC22, I will correct it later) for 3.5 years until one side stopped.
    I'm looking at <$100.
    Some of the phones' I've been looking at are:
    Maximo im 590
    The only problem i have with the Soundmagic and Re0 is that it's from a Chinese-based company, and I've heard many build problems from various Chinese companies.
    I have no amps, and prefer not to get one if possible.
    My use is from my mp3 and computer, listening to music and shows/movies.
    My biggest problem so far is that not many of these products are available in Canada, and shipping costs are huge (~$30) compared to the price range I'm looking at.
    Thanks ahead of time!
  2. dweaver
    Check out bugden audio, they are a Canadian reseller that sells the Fischer line as well as Sunrise Audio SW-Xcape which from what I have read is a good alternative to the RE0 with a bit more bass and they have had good reviews.
  3. QuietComfort
    Thanks a lot. I'll check them out.

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